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Goofy made his cartoon debut in 1932 in Mickey's Review. This classic character is an anthropomorphic dog and a friend of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. He is good-natured but clumsy and accident-prone - thus his name.

Did you know? Goofy's name was originally Dippy Dawg. He was intended only for one animated short, but was such a popular character that by 1939, he starred in his own series. In the years since, Goofy has starred and appeared in countless movies and animated series. In fact, he was the first classic character to star in a feature-length film, A Goofy Movie.

During the 1950s, Goofy was reinvented to represent suburban fatherhood. He had a wife and was often referred to as "George Geef." This familial theme was further expounded on in the 1990s series Goof Troop, in which he was a single parent with a teenaged son named Max.

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Would you like to draw the classic character Goofy? This easy, step-by-step, Disney character drawing tutorial can show you how. All you will need is a sheet of paper and a pencil, pen, marker, or crayons.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Goofy

How to Draw Goofy: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing a rounded "M" shape to outline the eyes.

How to Draw Goofy: Step 2

2. Enclose a rounded shape like a bent oval beneath the eyes. Notice the overlap of lines on the bottom of the shape. This forms Goofy's muzzle or snout.

How to Draw Goofy: Step 3

3. Draw a spiral shape at the base of the eyes on each side. These rounded shapes are the corners of Goofy's smiling mouth, extending upward past his muzzle. Then, draw a curved line parallel to the shape of the eyes, outlining the head.

How to Draw Goofy: Step 4

4. Draw two small ovals at the base of the eyes, indicating the pupils. Then draw a small circle inside each pupil. For the nose, draw an oval within an oval. On each end of the muzzle, draw a few small ovals to indicate the whiskers.


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How to Draw Goofy: Step 5

5. Use long, curved lines that double back upon themselves to draw Goofy's ears. Extend one ear from the side of the head, the other from the muzzle.

How to Draw Goofy: Step 6

6. Outline two small, rounded rectangles on the underside of the muzzle, indicating the teeth. Draw a pair of large, "U" shaped lines beneath them to form the open mouth. Use overlapping curved lines to draw the tongue, and a short curved line to indicate the chin on the lower jaw.

How to Draw Goofy: Step 7

7. Use a series of overlapping curved lines to enclose the collar of his garment. Note the lines that indicate the neck extending from the collar.

How to Draw Goofy: Step 8

8. Use a long, curved line to indicate the crushed shape of the bottom of Goofy's hat. Detail the crease with a curved line. Then, use a pair of overlapping lines to draw the crown of the hat. Shade a thick line between the two to indicate the hatband.


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How to Draw Goofy: Step 9

9. Draw three curved lines to indicate hair protruding from beneath the hat at the top of the brow bone.

How to Draw Goofy: Step 10

Color Goofy. His fur is black and he wears a green hat and orange shirt.

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How to Draw Goofy

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