How to Draw Mew from Pokémon

Mew is a catlike psychic-type Pokémon of Generation 1. Mew debuted in the 1998 film Pokémon: The First Movie, also called Mewtwo Strikes Back.

Though mammalian in form, Mew has the ability to float or move freely in both air and water.

Mew is not known to “evolve,” or grow, into any other type of Pokémon. Its rival Mewtwo was cloned from one of Mew’s eyelashes.

What are Pokémon? These fantastic creatures, ranging from the cute to the ferocious, were the brainchild of Satoshi Tajiri. The inspiration for these “pocket monsters” arose from Tajiri’s childhood hobby of insect collecting.

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The first Pokémon video game was created for use with the Game Boy system in 1996. Its success in Japan quickly spread throughout the world, and a cartoon series, card game, and other merchandise soon followed.

In the game, Pokémon “trainers” collect the animals from the wild, tame them, and prepare them to battle other Pokémon. Uniquely, the Pokémon can be stored in small containers called pokéballs and brought forth at will, similar to the concept of a genie in a lamp.

As a legendary Pokémon, Mew is rarely seen, both in the games and in the animated series. It is said that Mew’s DNA contains that of every other Pokémon, giving it the unique ability to learn any fighting move. Mew can also make itself invisible, adding to its mystique. It only reveals itself to those who are “pure in heart.”

Would you like to draw an adorable Mew? You can when you train hard with the help of this simple, step-by-step drawing tutorial. All you will need is a sheet of paper, a pencil, and an eraser. You may wish to color your finished drawing.

Mew, I choose you!

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Mew

How to Draw Mew

1. Begin by drawing an overlapping circle and oval. These shapes will help you outline Mew’s face.

2. Draw Mew’s ears by enclosing a rounded triangle on each side of the head. Draw the curve of Mew’s nose beneath the oval, and indicate the neck using two short lines.

3. Erase the guide lines from Mew’s face.

4. Begin to sketch Mew’s body by drawing two overlapping circles beneath the neck.

5. Connect the circles using a curved line. Then, sketch the leg. Draw the knee and upper leg using a circular curved line. Enclose the foot using two long lines, and “U” shaped lines to indicate the toes.

6. Draw the remaining leg. Use a long, “J” shaped line to form the back and upper leg. Enclose the foot using two long lines and several “U” shaped lines to indicate the toes.

7. Erase guide lines from the body. Notice that portions of the circles remain, adding detail to the body.

8. Draw Mew’s arms. Use two curved lines to outline each arm, and short lines that meet in triangular points to form the fingers. Then sketch Mew’s long tail. Use two long, sweeping, parallel curved lines. Enclose an oblong shape at the end of the tail.

9. Draw Mew’s eyes. Each eye is roughly teardrop shaped. Draw a curved line across each eye, and a small oval within the pupil. Add depth by drawing a short, curved line above each eye.

Color Mew. He is usually depicted as being light purple or pink in color.

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