How to Draw Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki is a young Ninja who wishes to rise to glory and eventually become the leader of his village, despite the challenges presented by situations beyond his control.

His story first appeared in the Japanese manga Karakuri in 1995. The story continued in an additional manga volume and the serial Weekly Shonen Jump. In 2002, Naruto became a television anime series. A second series, eleven films, and a number of spin-offs have been created from the original story line.

The Naruto series has a universal appeal due in part to the fact that it is a coming-of-age story. The characters not only grow physically from pre-teens to young adults, but evolve and mature in the process. According to the University of Missouri’s Christopher A. Born, “the Naruto storyline contains Confucian values which can be identified and embraced by preteen and adolescent boys…[including] hard work, friendship, and winning at all costs.”

Would you like to be able to draw Naruto? Doing so is easy with this simple step-by-step drawing tutorial. All you will need is a pencil, a piece of paper, and an eraser. You may also wish to use paints, markers, crayons, or colored pencils to shade your finished drawing.

Note that each step of this drawing guide contains both explanatory text and an accompanying illustration. In the picture, new lines added in the current step are highlighted in blue. In some steps, you will need to erase lines drawn previously.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Naruto

How to Draw Naruto: Step 1

Begin by drawing a large circle. This will form Naruto’s face.

How to Draw Naruto: Step 2

Beneath the circle, continue outlining the face by enclosing a shape using a curved line.

How to Draw Naruto: Step 3

Erase the guide line formed by the original circle.

How to Draw Naruto: Step 4

Draw a curved line across the top of the face. Draw two short lines connecting the long line to the sides of the face.

How to Draw Naruto: Step 5

Erase the guide lines formed by the original circle.

How to Draw Naruto: Step 6

Enclose Naruto’s headband above the face using a long, curved line. Allow the line to take on a wavy appearance at the sides to indicate ripples in the cloth.

How to Draw Naruto: Step 7

Draw Naruto’s ears by enclosing elongated, roughly oval shapes on each side of the head.

How to Draw Naruto: Step 8

Detail the ears using a series of connected, curved lines. Draw eyebrows extending from below the headband. Each eyebrow consists of two curved lines meeting at a point.

How to Draw Naruto: Step 9

Draw Naruto’s eye. Begin by drawing two curved lines beneath the eyebrow. On one side, allow the lines to meet in a point; on the other, connect them with a short, straight line. Shade the enclosed shape. Draw a circle beneath this, with two smaller circles within. Shade the small circle in the center. Finally, draw a curved line beneath the eye.

How to Draw Naruto: Step 10

Repeat this process on the opposite side to form a mirror image.

How to Draw Naruto: Step 11

Draw three curved lines crossing each cheek. Indicate the nose by drawing two dots in the center of the face. Draw a straight line, upturned at each end, to indicate the mouth.

How to Draw Naruto: Step 12

Draw a rounded rectangle within the headband.

How to Draw Naruto: Step 13

Draw the Leaf Village symbol within the rectangle. This symbol consists of a spiral with a straight line extending from the end and a triangle extending from the opposite side. Draw three small circles on each end of the rectangle.

How to Draw Naruto: Step 14

Draw the neck by extending two straight lines downward from the face. Detail the neck using two short, diagonal lines.

How to Draw Naruto: Step 15

Draw Naruto’s hair. Below each ear, extend a series of short, curved lines meeting in jagged points.

How to Draw Naruto: Step 16

Draw Naruto’s clothing. To do this, draw two tall, rounded rectangles below the neck. Connect the rectangles at the top using a short, curved line, and extend a series of connected, curved lines outwards from each rectangle.

How to Draw Naruto: Step 17

Enclose the collar of the garment using a long, wavy line. Draw a zigzag line between the two rectangles. Texture the fabric by drawing long and short curved lines.

How to Draw Naruto: Step 18

Extend curved lines from the collar to the edge of the page. Draw roughly vertical curved lines to detail the garment.

How to Draw Naruto: Step 19

Give Naruto a full head of hair by drawing a series of spiky, connected straight lines above his head.

How to Draw Naruto: Step 20

Color Naruto. He is typically depicted with yellow hair, blue eyes, and blue and orange clothing.

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