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Thor is a "deity common to all the early Germanic peoples, a great warrior represented as a red-bearded, middle-aged man of enormous strength."

He was a benevolent god, kind to humankind. His name meant "thunder," and his hammer, called Mjollnir, represented thunder and lightning. The hammer would return to Thor like a boomerang when thrown.

In one Norse myth, Thor's hammer was stolen by a giant named Thrym. Thrym held the hammer for ransom; in exchange, he wanted to marry the goddess Freyja.

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When she refused, Thor disguised himself as the goddess and stole his hammer back from the giant when it was brought out to be used in the wedding ceremony.

He then killed all the giants using the hammer. In another myth, Thor is unable to crush the head of a giant serpent using his hammer.

In ancient times, Thor was the most widely worshipped god in Europe. Through the centuries, he has been depicted in carvings, paintings, and fictional stories.

Today, he is most well known through mentions in the children's film How to Train Your Dragon (2010) and as a Marvel Comics character. The character of Thor Odinson was developed by comic book writer Stan Lee during the 1960s.

His hammer is a popular feature or merchandise; renditions of it can be found in many children's toys.

Some people, too, still practice the ancient Norse religion. Some wear a pendant of Thor's hammer as a symbol of their faith.

Did you know? The word "Thursday" literally means "Thor's day." It was originally named for the Roman god Jupiter, whom Thor parallels.

Would you like to draw Thor's hammer? This easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to use crayons, markers, or something else to color your finished picture.

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​Step by Step Instructions for Drawing​ Thor's Hammer

How to Draw Thor's Hammer: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing a rectangle, slanted diagonally. This forms the cheek, or side, of the hammer's head. From the top corners of the rectangle, extend two short lines. Connect these using a straight line. This forms the top of the hammer, giving it a three-dimensional, cube-like appearance.

How to Draw Thor's Hammer: Step 2

2. Draw short lines extending from all three corners on one side of the hammer. Connect these using straight lines. This forms one of the hammer's two faces.

How to Draw Thor's Hammer: Step 3

3. Extend short straight lines from all three of the corners on the opposite side of the hammer. Connect these using straight lines, forming the hammer's second face.

How to Draw Thor's Hammer: Step 4

4. To form the eye of the hammer, draw an oval overlapping the top of the hammer. Draw a short straight line descending from each end of the oval. Connect these lines using a curved line.

How to Draw Thor's Hammer: Step 5

5. Erase guide lines from the hammer.

How to Draw Thor's Hammer: Step 6

6. Draw two long, straight, parallel lines descending from the hammer. Connect these at the bottom using a short curved line. This forms the handle of the hammer.

How to Draw Thor's Hammer: Step 7

7. Decorate and detail the hammer's handle. Draw a curved line across the handle near the tip. Then, band the handle with "V" shaped lines from the tip to the hammer head.

How to Draw Thor's Hammer: Step 8

8. Draw the loop at the end of the handle. Begin by drawing a teardrop shape.

How to Draw Thor's Hammer: Step 9

9. Draw a smaller teardrop shape within the first, completing the loop.

How to Draw Thor's Hammer: Step 10

Color Thor's hammer.

We hope that this drawing guide made you feel super. You'll find plenty of other superhero drawing guides in our Characters from Cartoons and Comics section.

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