Free Printable Coloring Pages for Kids

Are you a fun-loving kid looking for some printable coloring pages to pass the time? Or a thrifty homeschool parent looking for free printable coloring pages? Perhaps you're a class room teacher in need of engaging coloring sheets that your students will love. If so, you will adore these free printable coloring pages for kids!

You can get their attention with easy coloring pages featuring their favorite characters - Peppa Pig, Super Mario, Homer Simpson, Charlie Brown, Stewie Griffin, Roblox characters, the Grinch, and Dog Man.

You can even craft an educational coloring book imitating the works of famous artists, such as Marc Chagall, George Rodrigue, Robert Delauney, and Margaret Keane.

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Download and print out these free coloring pages, grab your crayons, markers, or colored pencils, and get started!

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive Nyan Cat coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Coloring Pages for Kids

Peppa Pig Coloring Sheet

Peppa pig has bubblegum pink skin with slightly darker shades on the mouth and cheeks. Her dress is pinkish red.

Easy Marc Chagall Art Project Coloring Sheet

Get swept away in the dreamlike world of Marc Chagall. You can paint the bluish sky with a giant goldfish flying above the town.

Easy Shark for Kids Coloring Sheet

Many sorts of sharks are bluish grey on top and lighter - even white - on the underside. This helps camouflage them in the water - they blend in with the dark water when viewed from above or the sparkling sunlight when viewed from below.

Easy Clownfish Coloring Sheet

There are many types of clownfish, but the most common are bright orange with black and white bands. Can you research other clownfish colors and shade a printout to match each kind?

Flower Bouquet Coloring Sheet

White daisies with orange centers, pink and white tulips, and so much more - you can color this bouquet in your dream wedding colors, make all the flowers red in symbol of love, or get creative.

Coral Reef Coloring Sheet

Color reefs are filled with color - red staghorn coral, orange sponges, green seaweed, and so much more. Or, leave the coral white to represent coral bleaching and raise awareness for climate change.

Toad from Mario Coloring Sheet

Toad is disguised as a Mario mushroom. He wears a white hat with red spots and a blue and yellow vest.

Monarch Butterfly Coloring Sheet

Monarch butterflies are recognized by their bold orange wings, banded with black and white markings. Their bodies are black with small white spots.

Nyan Cat Coloring Sheet

The Nyan cat has grey fur with pink blushing cheeks. His Poptart body is brown and pink, and he leaves a red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple rainbow-hued trail behind him.

Easy Dog Coloring Sheet

If you want to name this dog Spot, you can draw one or more spots on his fur. Creat your dream pet by choosing the right colors for the dog's fur.

Rainbow for Kids Coloring Sheet

Do you know all the colors of the rainbow? It isn't difficult to learn. Remember the silly name "Roy G. Biv." Each letter stands for a color - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Easy Margaret Keane Big Eyes Art Project for Kids Coloring Sheet

In the original painting "The Stray," the girl has blonde hair, a yellow dress, and a black cat. She stands in front of a grey background. You can make yours match the original or get creative.

Simple Cat Coloring Sheet

Did you enjoy coloring the cat in the painting listed above? Now you can color another one. And another, which you wil find listed below. At this rate, you'll be a crazy cat lady in no time!

Easy Cat Coloring Sheet

Color the cat's fur in a solid shade, or outline spots, stripes, or other markings. You can even print out multiple pages to create cats with different coats.

Dog Man Coloring Sheet

Your favorite comic character has the head of a brown dog and the body of a human police man. He wears a blue uniform with yellow badges and a a pair of brown shoes.

Car Coloring Sheet

Design your dream car! It even has eyes and a smiling mouth like your favorite Cars characters. Pick your favorite paint color.

Hamster Coloring Sheet

This adorable hamster is the perfect pet. Hamsters come in many colors, including black, white, chocolate brown, cream, golden, gray, beige, or rust. They may be a dark color with dark markings or a mix of colors in spotted patterns.

Homer Simpson Coloring Sheet

Doy! Homer Simpson has bright yellow skin and a beige mouth. He wears a white shirt, blue pants, and black shoes.

Elmo from Sesame Street Coloring Sheet

Elmo is a furry monster who has delighted generations. He has bright red scruffy fur and an orange nose.

Teddy Bear Coloring Sheet

What does your favorite teddy bear look like? Is he a classic brown or white like a polar bear? Maybe he is a pastel shade or perhaps a combination of colors?

Tulips in a Pot Coloring Sheet

Tulips come in so many colors. Bold solid colors like red, pink, or white are popular, as are stripes or colors that fade into one another. Some tulips are even as green as their leaves.

Cute, Easy Dragon for Kids Coloring Sheet

Dragons are scaly reptiles - do they have green or brown scales like lizards? Or are they bright colors? Since dragons are imaginary creatures, the decision is yours.

Orange Tabby Cat Coloring Sheet

Tabby cats like this one are yellowish-orange with lighter or darker stripes. They may have white markings as well. Other tabbies are gray and black striped.

Happy Birthday in Bubble Letters Coloring Sheet

You can personalize a fun card for someone - balloons and party hats included. Go with bold primary colors, or choose your friend's favorite colors.

Ferris Wheel Coloring Sheet

Enjoy a day at your favorite fair or amusement park! Use bright, happy colors. You can even make an alternating pattern of colors on the dangling cars.

Hummingbird Coloring Sheet

In North America, many hummingbirds are green in color with red or white markings on the neck. Those are ruby-throated hummingbirds. Anna's hummingbirds are brown with red and white markings.

Happy Birthday Card Coloring Sheet

Need a last-minute birthday gift? You can color this picture. It has all the party elements - a cake with candles, balloons, party hats, decorations, and presents wrapped with care.

Acoustic Guitar Coloring Sheet

Get your groove on with this acoustic guitar. Wooden guitars like this one are usually light brown in color. Don't forget to highlight the colorful sounds of the musical notes.

Easy Cartoon Bug Coloring Sheet

Are you afraid of bugs? There's no need to fear this cute character. Color this ladybug red with black spots - or get creative and use a different combination of colors!

Dolphin in Cartoon Style Coloring Sheet

This aquatic mammal is ready for fun - he just needs your help to find his colors. Bottlenose dolphins are bluish gray with lighter, sometimes pink, bellies. Other dolphins have black and white spots and stripes, or even yellow markings.

Snowman Coloring Sheet

This classic snowman is all decked out in a top hat, gloves, and a striped scarf. Don't forget to color the black coal buttons and the orange carrot nose.

Sonic the Hedgehog Coloring Sheet

Sonic the Hedgehog has blue quills and fur, beige snout and belly, white gloves, and red and white running shoes. He's fast, but you can take your time coloring inside the lines.

Cute Dog Coloring Sheet

This adorable pup can be anything you want her to be. A golden retriever? Color her a sandy shade. A Dalmatian? White with black spots. A German shepherd? Brown with black markings.

Snow White Coloring Sheet

Snow White has shiny black hair. The bodice of her dress is blue; the sleeves are light blue and red, and her skirt is yellow.

Easy Step by Step Rose Drawing for Kids Coloring Sheet

A rose by any other name - or color - would smell as sweet. You can pick a common rose color like red, pink, white, yellow, orange, or light purple.

Palm Tree Coloring Sheet

Add a tropical flair with this exotic tree. Palm trees have brown trunks and green leaves. The coconuts start out green then turn brown as they ripen.

Summer Vacation Coloring Sheet

Dreaming of a tropical vacation? Bring your daydreams to life with this summer scene. The sandy beaches frame the blue water. Will the sky above be blue or set ablaze with sunset hues?

Space and Planets Coloring Sheet

White or yellow stars bespeckle a black or dark blue sky. You can also color a rocky asteroid, colorful spiral-shaped galaxies, and the orange, yellow, and red shades of the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn.

Easy George Rodrigue Blue Dog Art Project Coloring Sheet

The blue dog is usually, as his name suggests, blue in color. But versions of the dog have also been made in red, purple, and other colors.

Library Coloring Sheet

Shh! Don't be too loud as you color this quiet library scene. The pines of the books come in many different colors. Can you write the titles of your favorite books on the spines?

Charlie Brown Coloring Sheet

Good grief, it's Charlie Brown. He wears brown shoes, black shorts, and a yellow polo shirt with a black zig-zag pattern across the bottom.

Lemur Coloring Sheet

Leaping lemurs! The ring tailed lemur has gray fur. Its face is white with black markings, and its tail is banded with black and white.

Easy City for Kids Coloring Sheet

What colors belong in the big city? There's a yellow school bus and a red, yellow, and green traffic light. You can get creative with the rest of the buildings and vehicles!

Easy Cartoon Owl Coloring Sheet

Hoo-hoo-who wants to color an adorable owl? Most owls have brown or gray feathers. Snowy owls are solid white in color during the winter.

Easy Robert Delaunay Art Project Coloring Sheet

Use bright, bold colors to complete this abstract art. You can use your favorite colors or ones that match your room!

Stewie Griffin from Family Guy Coloring Sheet

This malevolent toddler wears a bright yellow shirt under red overalls. His large, white eyes stand out in his peach-colored football-shaped head.

Fog Coloring Sheet

When the fog rolls in, the whole scene changes. You can use purple, gray, brown, and beset  the green mountains by a white fog.

Crescent Moon Coloring Sheet

Meet the man in the moon. Depending on the time of year, the moon can appear bright white, cream, yellow, orange, pink, reddish, or brown.

Map Coloring Sheet

"X" marks the spot, but what type of map will this be? A green and blue satellite photo? Or a faded brown and sepia map from times gone by?

Roblox Piggy Coloring Sheet

The Roblox piggy stands in stark contrast to Peppa Pig, listed above. Yet there are similarities, like the pink skin. But this pig has one red eye and carries a brown baseball bat.

Grinch Coloring Sheet

The Grinch, as you may recall, has green fur and yellow eyes that frighten all. In this picture, he is decked out for the holidays with a red and white Santa suit and hat.

Easy Rocket Ship Coloring Sheet

Blast off with this fun rocket ship. Make it black and white like the space shuttle, red, white, and blue for the U.S.A., or any colors you would like.

Free printable rocket ship coloring page
Easy Rocket Ship Coloring Page - Print or color online

Dog Coloring Sheet

What would your ideal dog look like? You can color him here. White, brown, grey, black, and reddish are common dog colors.

Man for Kids Coloring Sheet

Can you color this man to look like your dad, your teacher, someone you know, or a character from your favorite book, movie, or TV show?

Garden for Kids Coloring Sheet

You can use all the crayons in your box to color this lovely flower garden. Contrast the green leaves with the colorful butterflies and blossoms.

Easy Dinosaur for Kids Coloring Sheet

Were dinosaurs green or brown? Maybe they were purple or had spots! No one knows what dinosaurs really looked like, so you can get creative with this one.

Free Printable Coloring Pages for Kids - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of the above original coloring sheets was your favorite? Did you bind them together to make a coloring book?

These are great coloring pages for kids and adults alike. Even grown-ups can find some peace of mind coloring their favorite animals or characters.

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