Printable Animal Coloring Pages for Kids - 56 Printable Sheets

Are you looking for printable animals to color? Look no further than these free printable animal coloring pages for kids!

Printable animal pages are great for teachers and homeschool parents. You can add interest to almost any lesson by adding a fun animal to color!

For example, you can adopt the following lesson plans:

  • Find out what animals are on display at your local zoo, and include their coloring sheets before or after a field trip.
  • Include horses and other farm animals before or after a trip to the farm.
  • Color the animals in the books your class is reading - a raven along with Poe, or a wolf with Julie of the Wolves, for example
  • Add coloring pages to your science lessons - when you cover food chains, butterfly metamorphosis, or salmon migration, for example.
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These printable animals aren't just for the classroom, though. Kids can print them out or color them anytime!

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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive cute cartoon cat coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Animal Coloring Pages

Elephant Coloring Sheet

Elephants are the largest land animals. They have gray skin, but they may appear black when wet or brown when covered in dust or mud. They have long white ivory tusks.

Calico Cat Stretching Coloring Sheet

Calicos are a very special type of cat. They are white with black and brown or orange spots. Did you know? Almost all calico cats are girls.

Easy Sloth Face Coloring Sheet

Do you ever feel lazy like a sloth? Color this friendly sloth's face in shades of brown and tan. Sometimes, sloths look a little green due to algae growing on their fur!

Cute Dog Coloring Sheet

This puppy is too cute! You can color her to match your favorite dog breed. For example, color her tan to make her a golden retriever or black and white to become an Australian shepherd.

Raven Coloring Sheet

The feathers of the raven are shiny black. Some blackbirds have a blue sheen to their feathers. Others, like the red-winged blackbird, have red and yellow bands on their wings.

Lion Coloring Sheet

Second largest in the kingdom of cats, the African lion has been called the king of beasts. Lions are usually tan in color with brown, reddish, or even black manes. Sometimes, lions are born with white fur.

Baby Wolf Coloring Sheet

You can watch this wolf pup grow up with a colorful fur coat. Wolves are often gray, black, white, brownish, or reddish in color.

Dragonfly Coloring Sheet

Dragonflies come in many amazing colors. Their bodies can be yellow, brown, red, blue, or purple. Some have clear wings with black spots, while others have iridescent wings that display a rainbow of colors.

Goldfish Coloring Sheet

True to their name, many goldfish are golden or orange in color. Some are black, white, red, brown, green, or spotted with different colors.

Easy Cartoon Owl Coloring Sheet

Who-hoo-hoo is this? It's an adorable owl! Owls, too, come in a variety of colors. Snowy owls are white with black markings. Great horned owls and many other types are brown and gray in color.

Horse Rearing Coloring Sheet

Solid, dappled, roan, paint, spotted with blazes, stars, socks, and stockings - horses come in many colors and patterns. Some common colors are solid white, solid black, or brown with white markings on the face and feet.

Lion Roaring Coloring Sheet

Did you color the maned lion above? Now, color his challenger - an angry, roaring lion who would like to take over his pride!

Cute Narwhal Coloring Sheet

Narwhals are real animals. These animals are often cream-colored with black or grey speckles all over them. But in popular culture, narwhal whales may be pink, blue, or white.

Pelican Coloring Sheet

Many pelicans are solid white or white with black wingtips. This type of bird has an orange beak and feet. Brown pelicans, on the other hand, have brown and white feathers and dark brown beaks.

Deer Coloring Sheet

Adult deer are usually brown in color. The tails of white-tailed deer have bright white undersides, which the deer use to communicate danger to others. Baby deer - and the adults of some species - have white spots.

Badger Coloring Sheet

Badgers are black, brown, and grey in color. They have black and white striped markings on their heads and backs that may make them resemble skunks.

Easy Cartoon Reindeer Coloring Sheet

Reindeer aren't just a Christmas story - they are real-life animals also known as caribou. Caribou may be brown, black, grey, white, or a combination of these colors.

Cute Cartoon Cat Coloring Sheet

This adorable kitten is decked out in stripes! The most common striped color patterns are the gray tabby (gray with darker gray or black stripes) and the orange marmalade (orange with darker stripes, or white with yellowish stripes).

Bald Eagle Flying Coloring Sheet

Did you know? Bald eagles don't have bald, featherless heads. The white feathers of their heads contrast with the brown feathers of their bodies, giving them a bald appearance.

Shiba Inu Coloring Sheet

What is your favorite dog? This Shiba Inu can be your new best friend. Most are cream and tan, but they can also be solid white or brown, black, or red with white markings.

Bull Head and Face Coloring Sheet

Cattle come in many colors. They can be solid white, brown, black, or combinations of these colors. Some have spots, a wide band around the middle, or a white blaze in the center of the face.

Easy Cartoon Bug Coloring Sheet

Ladybugs or ladybird beetles are red with black spots. But some of their insect cousins come in other colors - yellow, orange, or green with brown spots, for example.

Cartoon Wolf Coloring Sheet

Like the baby wolf above, this adult wolf could be white, black, gray, or reddish. Some wolves are darker on top with lighter markings on the belly, face, and legs.

Grizzly Bear Coloring Sheet

Most grizzly bears are brown in color, but they can also be blonde or nearly black. Polar bears are similar in shape, but their fur appears white.

Sitting Cartoon Cat Coloring Sheet

This kitty is sitting pretty with a ball of yarn. Black, white, brown, gray, orange, spots, or stripes - color him to match your favorite pet.

Pomeranian Coloring Sheet

Like most dogs, Pomeranians come in a range of colors from white to brown to black. Many are solid colored, while others have spots on their ears or lighter markings on their faces, bellies, legs, and tails.

Cute Starfish Coloring Sheet

Many starfish are brown or tan to blend in with their environments. Others are orange, red, blue, or green.

Swan Coloring Sheet

Many people picture a swan as having white feathers, an orange beak, and a black band above it. But did you know? In Australia, the native swans have black feathers.

Sheep Coloring Sheet

When you count sheep, are the fluffy animals white in color? Many are, but sheep can also be brown, black, spotted, or speckled.

Baby Elephant Coloring Sheet

Like the grown-up elephant above, baby elephants have gray skin. When they play in the mud, they may appear brown or reddish in color.

Horse Head Coloring Sheet

Color the horse of your dreams with this majestic equine portrait. Pick your favorite color and pattern.

Monkey Face Coloring Sheet

Many monkeys have brown or black fur. But some monkeys have interesting features. Female gibbons, for example, have white fur with black faces, while the males are entirely black.

Monarch Butterfly Coloring Sheet

Monarch butterflies have orange wings edged in black with white spots. This color pattern helps birds recognize them and avoid eating them - because of what they eat as caterpillars, these butterflies taste bad to predators!

Salmon Coloring Sheet

At sea, most salmon are brown or grey in color. Their colors brighten when they return to freshwater to spawn. Pink salmon are green, pink, and cream-colored, while sockeye and coho salmon turn bright red.

Turkey Face Coloring Sheet

The turkey's featherless head is often pink and blue in color, becoming brighter when the bird dances to attract a mate.

Siamese Cat Coloring Sheet

Siamese cats have a distinct color pattern. Their bodies are cream-colored, and their ears, faces, legs, and tails are marked with brown.

Cartoon Panda Coloring Sheet

Panda bears have bold black and white patterns on their fur. They are mostly white with black ears, legs, shoulders, and patches over their eyes.

Ferret Coloring Sheet

Domesticated ferrets range from white to gray, brown, and black. Their wild cousin, the black-footed ferret, has a brown back, cream-colored belly, black feet, and a black mask over its eyes.

Cartoon Bird Coloring Sheet

What is your favorite type of bird? You can color a backyard feeder bird - a bluebird or a brown sparrow, for example. Or, you could color this bird canary yellow or the bright colors of a parrot.

Easy Realistic Horse Coloring Sheet

We talked about several horse color patterns above. Here are a few more. Paints are white with large brown spots. Dapples are gray with tiny lighter gray spots. Appaloosas are brown with a white square on their hips which is covered in small brown spots. And leopard appaloosas are white with brown speckles.

Duck Coloring Sheet

In cartoons, ducks are often yellow in color, and real-like baby ducks are. Others are white or brown. Male mallard ducks are brown with green heads.

Donkey Coloring Sheet

Many donkeys are gray or brown in color. These usually have a darker stripe across their shoulders. Some are dark brown or black with white markings on their faces. Others are solid white or spotted.

Realistic Dragon Coloring Sheet

In movies and books, dragons come in many colors - the red dragon of Middle Earth; the golds, bronzes, browns, greens, and blues of Pern; or black or white dragons from other stories.

Puffin Coloring Sheet

Puffins are black and white seabirds that resemble penguins. The main difference is, puffins can fly! They also have brightly colored beaks.

Wolf Face and Head Coloring Sheet

Many wolves like this one come in shades of gray, but they may also be black, white, brown, or reddish.

Cardinal Bird Coloring Sheet

Male cardinals are bright red with a black patch around their beaks. Females are a duller color, brown and tinged with red.

Easy Elephant Head and Face Coloring Sheet

Elephants have gray skin. Sometimes they appear brown if they have been bathing in dust or mud.

Beaver Coloring Sheet

Beavers are brown in color. Their strong teeth, which they use for cutting down trees, are yellow or orange in color.

Pitbull Coloring Sheet

What type of pitbull coat pattern is your favorite? "Blue" pits are light gray and "red" pits are reddish brown. Brindles have tiny black and brown stripes. Most of these dogs also have some white markings.

Penguin Chick Coloring Sheet

Emperor penguin chicks like this one have a classic black and white penguin face. Their fuzzy bodies are grey, and their feet are black.

Realistic Cat Coloring Sheet

Spotted, striped, solid, Siamese, tuxedo, or calico - what cat coat pattern is your favorite? Use your crayons or colored pencils to make this one a gray tabby, an orange marmalade, a black cat, or whatever type you like best.

Wolf Howling Coloring Sheet

The grey wolf is known for howling at the moon. As its name suggests, wolves are often grey in color, but they can also be white, black, or reddish-brown. What about the moon? Make it stunning white or tinted red or orange.

Fozzie Bear from The Muppet Show Coloring Sheet

Wacka, wacka! Fozzie is a brown bear with a pink nose. He wears a dark brown hat on his head. Around his neck is a white scarf or bow tie with red polka dots.

Bambi Coloring Sheet

Baby deer like Babi are brown in color - darker on top with lighter markings on the face, neck, and belly. Baby deer's backs are dotted with white spots.

Robin Coloring Sheet

The European robin pictured here has brown feathers on its back and wings. Its face and chest are bright orange surrounded by grey, and its belly is cream or white.

Grasshopper Coloring Sheet

Many grasshoppers are bright green, while others are grey, brown, or orange. Some are striped with these different colors.

Animal Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of the above printable animal coloring pages was your favorite? Do you like furry animals or feathered ones? Cute and cuddly animals or fearsome ones? Realistic animals or those from myth and legend?

Remember, you can color these animals online or print them out to make your own coloring book.

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