Free Cat Coloring Pages for Kids - 66 Printable Sheets

Meow! If you are a cat lover with crayons, you have come to the right place. We have the best selection of free cat coloring pages for kids that can be found on the internet.

What kinds of cats are we talking about? The answer is, all kinds! Be on the lookout for chat characters from your favorite cartoons, such as Pete the Cat, Felix the Cat, Garfield, the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, and Tom from Tom and Jerry.

You will also find cartoon cats of all types - Siamese cats, calico cats, striped tabby cats, solid-colored cats, kittens and adult cats, regular-sized and fat cats.

Also, look for cats doing all the things that cats do - sitting, sleeping, stretching, hiding in a box, and more. One of our cats is even all dressed up in a hat and a scarf!

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If you like anime and manga, you are in luck. You can color cats in anime, kawaii, and chibi styles. You can even create a picture of the Jiji cat from Kiki's Delivery Service.

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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive Halloween Cat coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Cat Coloring Pages

Garfield Coloring Sheet

Garfield is everyone's favorite fat cat. He has orange fur, black stripes, a yellow mouth, and a pink nose.

Sad Cat Coloring Sheet

This sad little kitten needs a forever home! Get out your crayons and adopt this cute kitty today.

Scary Cat Coloring Sheet

Are you afraid of cats? Shade this cat black and give him glowing eyes. With claws extended, this cat is certain nightmare fuel.

Halloween Cat Coloring Sheet

Black cats are often associated with Halloween. This cute kitten isn't scary, though - he's popping out of the top of a Jack 'o lantern carved pumpkin.

Fluffy Persian Cat Coloring Sheet

Persian cats are often white or light grey in color. Shade this fancy cat and she will be your fluffy best friend.

Sitting Cartoon Cat Coloring Sheet

This cat loves to play with its ball of yarn. What type of pattern will you draw on its fur? Stripes? Spots? Paws and tail tips of a different color?

Easy Cat Face Coloring Sheet

This adorable striped tabby cat face is smiling and waiting for you to color him. Tabbies are often orange or grey in color - how will you shade yours?

The Cat from Coraline Coloring Sheet

A bit creepy and sinister, Coraline's black cat is also helpful. You can give him his characteristic black fur, blue eyes, and pink nose.

Easy Realistic Cat Face Coloring Sheet

Use this outline as a template for drawing your favorite cat's face. You can use traditional colors, like orange and gray, or let your imagination run wild and use bright and colorful colors to transform your can into a cartoon character.

Firestar from Warrior Cats Coloring Sheet

Firestar is an orange marmalade tabby. He has yellowish-orange fur with darker orange stripes. His eyes are glowing green.

The Jiji Cat Coloring Sheet

Jiji is a black cat from the anime movie Kiki's Delivery Service. He has black fur, grey or purple inner ears, a red bowtie, and a pink tongue.

Cute Unicorn Cat Coloring Sheet

Why be an ordinary cat when you can be a caticorn? Get creative and color this mythical feline with all the colors of the rainbow.

Cute Christmas Cat Coloring Sheet

Include your pet in this year's Christmas cards. You can color the Santa hat red. Make the Christmas tree ornaments a traditional red and green or any color that you may choose.

Sphynx Cat Coloring Sheet

Sphynx cats have no fur. Their skin may be pink or grey. Some Sphynx cats have skin that is spotted or striped.

Lucky Cat Coloring Sheet

Have you ever seen a smiling, waving maneki-neko? These cats are often white or gold with red features - symbolic colors to welcome prosperity.

Tom from Tom and Jerry Coloring Sheet

The famous Tom is a gray alley cat. He has green eyes, pink inner ears, and white markings on his paws, around his mouth, and on the tip of his tail.

Calico Cat Stretching Coloring Sheet

Calico cats are uncommon. Their beautiful coats are white with black, brown, and reddish-orange spots. This calico kitty is engaged in a big feline stretch.

Sitting Cat Coloring Sheet

Cats love to sit pretty on windowsills, tall shelves, furniture, their owners' laps, and pretty much anywhere else. What color will your sitting cat be?

Fat Cat Coloring Sheet

All cats are cute, but fat cats are especially so! Give this rotund fur baby a solid-colored coat or a unique feline pattern.

Cat and Dog Coloring Sheet

Cats and dogs don't have to be enemies! They can sometimes be the best of friends. Shade this dynamic duo to match your own pets or the pets you would like to have.

Walking Cat Outline Coloring Sheet

This simple cat coloring picture is in the side profile. You can design your dream pet by coloring it with spots, stripes, or other markings.

Kitten Coloring Sheet

Can you think of anything cuter than a kitten? Draw patterns on this baby cat's fur and color it to match your favorite pet.

Cat Skeleton Coloring Sheet

What would a cat look like without its fluffy fur? Check out this cartoon cat skeleton to find out. You can use it to create creepy decorations.

Cute Cartoon Cat Coloring Sheet

This adorable cat is drawn in a fun cartoon style. Color its stripes. Will you make it a grey tabby, an orange marmalade, or some other color entirely?

Felix the Cat Coloring Sheet

Felix was one of the first cartoon cats, and he is still one of the most famous. He has black fur, white markings around his mouth, and a red tongue.

Pete the Cat Coloring Sheet

Pete the Cat is a favorite in children's literature. He has blue fr and yellow eyes. His sneakers are usually red and white. Sometimes, they are pure white, taking on the colors of whatever he walks through!

 Egyptian Cat Coloring Sheet

The ancient Egyptians made pictures of cats thousands of years ago. You can color this cat in Egyptian hieroglyphic style. Don't forget to guild it in gold.

Realistic Cat Coloring Sheet

This realistic cat is a blank canvas for you to color. You can shade him with your colored pencils to give him any pattern you wish on his fur.

Funny Cat in a Box Coloring Sheet

Does your cat love to play in cardboard boxes? Most cats do. Color this cute cartoon of a striped feline at play.

Cat Paw Prints Coloring Sheet

Some people say "cats leave pawprints on your heart." They also left them on this page! Color the pawprints black like ink or use all the colors of the rainbow.

Kawaii Cat Coloring Sheet

This cute kawaii cat is rolly-polly with a winking smile. Don't forget to give a red or pink blush to its cheeks.

The Cat in The Hat Coloring Sheet

The Cat in the Hat has black fur with white or grey markings. He also wears a red bowtie and a tall red and white striped hat.

Scared Cat Coloring Sheet

When cats are scared, they arch their backs and their fur stands on end. Give this scaredy cat whatever colors and patterns you'd like.

Orange Tabby Cat Coloring Sheet

Orange tabby cats are also called marmalade cats. They have orange or sandy yellow fur with brown or orange stripes. Many also have white markings on their faces, tails, and feet.

Cat Paw Coloring Sheet

Cats are famous for their retractable claws and "toe beans" - fleshy pads on the bottoms of their feet. You can admire these toe beans and color the fur to match your favorite pet.

Pusheen the Cat Coloring Sheet

Pusheen is everyone's favorite comic strip fat cat. Pusheen is a tabby cat with grey fur and darker grey stripes. She also has a cute pink mouth or tongue.

The Cheshire Cat Coloring Sheet

Fading away to an eerie smile, the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland has pink fur with purple stripes.

Chibi Cat Coloring Sheet

Color this cute chibi kitten with any markers, colored pencils, or crayons you would like. Give her fun patterns or a solid fur coat.

Easy Cat for Kids Coloring Sheet

This easy cat coloring sheet is great for kids and beginners. Practice staying within the lines as you shade this pretty kitty's fur coat.

Hello Kitty Face Coloring Sheet

Hello Kitty is the essence of cute. She has white fur, a yellow nose, and a red or pink bow.

Anime Cat Coloring Sheet

With spiky manga hair, this cat is ready to make an appearance in your favorite anime cartoon. Spots or solid colors, how you shade this cat is up to you.

Easy Black Cat Coloring Sheet

This cat outline is easy enough for every budding artist. You can practice staying within the lines using a black crayon or colored pencil. Or, color this cat however you want!

Cat Skull Coloring Sheet

This coloring picture shows a realistic cat's skull inside an outline of a cat's face. Use cream colors if you would like to color the skull true to life - or death, in this case.

Siamese Cat Coloring Sheet

Siamese cats are very unique. They have white, tan, or cream-colored fur with brown markings on their faces, ears, paws, and tails.

Simple Sleeping Cat Coloring Sheet

Cats love to sleep - in fact, they sleep most of the day away. Give this sleepy kitty colors and patterns to match your favorite pet.

Abstract Laurel Burch Cat Coloring Sheet

This abstract cat in the style of a famous artist is filled with flowers. It needs bright, psychedelic colors to make it complete.

Easy Cartoon Lion Coloring Sheet

Not all cats are small enough to sit on your lap. The African lion is one of the largest members of the cat family. Give this lion sandy fur and a brown mane.

Cat in Clothes Coloring Sheet

Do your cats wear clothes? You can get creative as you color this kitten and its stylish outfit of a winter hat and scarf.

Nyan Cat Coloring Sheet

The YouTube and meme star Nyan Cat looks like a gray kitty with a strawberry Poptart for a body. As it flies through the night sky, it leaves a rainbow contrail in its wake.

Oggy from Oggy and the Cockroaches Coloring Sheet

This 1990s-era cartoon cat is blue with green eyes, a large red nose, yellow cheeks, and a white belly and paws.

Cat Eyes Coloring Sheet

Color this striped cat's face, giving special attention to its eyes. Most cats have yellow or amber eyes. Hazel - a mixture of brown and green - is also common. Some cats, especially white ones, may have blue eyes.

Cheetah Coloring Sheet

Color the black spots and sandy brown fur of this cheetah on the run. Then, check out the cheetah portrait below and color it, too!

Cat Face Coloring Sheet

Color this cute kitty portrait to match your favorite fur baby. You can draw a striped or spotted pattern on her face, or give her a solid-colored coat.

Baby Lion Coloring Sheet

Color this cute sandy-colored lion with a pink nose, or leave him solid white like Kimba. He can be friends with another famous lion cub - Simba - on the list below.

Baby Tiger Coloring Sheet

Was this baby tiger born white with black stripes or orange with black stripes? The choice is yours. Look out, though - the roaring tiger below may be looking for its cub!

Simba from The Lion King Coloring Sheet

He'll be a mighty king someday, but he is still a cub in this coloring sheet. Use tan shades ranging from yellowish to orangish to color his coat. Don't forget his pink nose.

Snow Leopard Coloring Sheet

Snow leopards have white or grey coats with black, brown, or grey spots called rosettes. This helps them blend in with the snowy environments in which they live.

Jaguar Coloring Sheet

The jaguar's black and brown spots help it to blend in with the dappled sunlight in the jungle. Its fur is usually yellowish tan, but some jaguars have solid black coats.

Lioness Coloring Sheet

The lioness or female lion has no mane around her neck. Her fur is typically tan or sandy brown in color. In rare cases, lions are even solid white!

Lion Roaring Coloring Sheet

This maned male lion is showing his teeth as he roars. Color his coat sandy brown, and his mane brown, black, or reddish. Will he face off against the roaring tiger, below?

Tribal Lion Coloring Sheet

Tattoo artists use brown or black ink to shade tribal tattoo designs like this one. This lion would also look at home emblazoned in gold on a medieval shield.

Cheetah Face Coloring Sheet

Color this cheetah's sandy brown coat and black spots and smudges. Did you know? The black markings around the cheetah's eyes help prevent glare from the sun, just like a football player's face paint.

Tiger Roaring Coloring Sheet

Roar! This tiger is using his booming voice. Color his black stripes. But what color will you make his fur coat? Siberian tigers are white with black stripes, while Bengal tigers have orange backs and white bellies.

Simple Cat Coloring Sheet

This simple cat is made from lines and shapes. Since it has less detail than other cats on this list, it's a good place to start coloring inside the lines and build your confidence.

Tiger Coloring Sheet

This regal tiger could be Shere Khan from The Jungle Book or Rajah from Aladdin. Give it an orange coat with black stripes, or make it a white tiger.

Cat in a Box Coloring Sheet

This cute striped tabby kitten loves playing in boxes. Color the cat, and decorate the box. It could be an Amazon box, or you could turn it into a castle or a spaceship!

Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which cat coloring picture was your favorite? You don't have to be a crazy cat lady to adopt them all.

What will you do with all the cat coloring pages you've downloaded? Make a cat coloring book, of course! A homemade coloring book or a finished, colored picture is a great gift for the cat lover in your life.

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