How to Draw a Blueberry

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Learn how to draw a great looking Blueberry with easy, step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.

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Complete Blueberry drawing
Complete Blueberry drawing

Do you love to eat tasty blueberries? You can use this easy, step-by-step blueberry drawing tutorial to illustrate your favorite recipes.

You could draw blueberries beside another type of food to label the blueberry flavor. Could you draw a:

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Shade your foods the same color as your blueberries, or draw small blueberry-hued dots on their surface.

When you master this drawing, you will be able to create realistic blueberries. Did you notice the star-shaped calyx on the end of each berry, where its flower once blossomed? Pay attention to this detail in the following steps.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Blueberry

How to Draw a Great Looking Blueberry for Kids, Beginners, and Adults - Step 1

Blueberry step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 1

1. Begin by drawing a circle. Draw curved lines across one side of it, giving the shape a three-dimensional appearance. Draw a small circle in the middle with a tiny "C" shaped line inside. This is the "belly button" or calyx of the fruit.

Easy Blueberry Drawing - Step 2

Blueberry step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 2

2. Draw the triangular sepals of the calyx around the circle.

Easy Blueberry Drawing - Step 3

Blueberry step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 3

3. Draw a large circle around the previous shapes, enclosing the berry. Notice that the calyx is not in the center of the berry, but to one side.

Easy Blueberry Drawing - Step 4

Blueberry step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 4

4. Draw the calyx of a second berry, this time from a different angle. Draw two "C" shaped lines that meet to form a narrow crescent. Enclose triangle shapes on the back of the crescent and "V" shaped lines connecting its two points. Finally, draw a small oval in the middle of the shape.

Easy Blueberry Drawing - Step 5

Blueberry step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 5

5. Enclose the round shape of the berry. Notice how the line appears to pass behind the triangular sepals.

Easy Blueberry Drawing - Step 6

Blueberry step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 6

6. Draw the calyx of the third and final berry. Begin by drawing an irregular round shape, and enclose curved triangles around it. Draw a circle with a tiny dot inside within the round shape, and band the top of the shape with curved lines.

Easy Blueberry Drawing - Step 7

Blueberry step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 7

7. Use curved lines to enclose the round blueberry outline.

Add More Details to Your Blueberry Picture - Step 8

Blueberry step-by-step draw8ng tutorial: step 1

8. Draw two leaves emerging from behind the berries. Outline each leaf using two curved lines that meet at sharp points.

Complete the Outline of Your Blueberry Drawing - Step 9

Blueberry step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 9

9. Use long curved lines to trace the central veins of the leaves, with shorter curved lines forming the axillary veins.

Your blueberry outline is complete.

Color Your Blueberry Drawing

Blueberry step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 11

Color your blueberries. Most blueberries are dark blue in color. We've shaded ours to give them a round, three-dimensional appearance. A few types of blueberry are pink or even white!

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Easy, step by step Blueberry drawing tutorial
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