How to Draw a Cartoon Velociraptor

Learn how to draw a great looking Cartoon Velociraptor with easy, step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.

By following the simple steps, you too can easily draw a perfect Cartoon Velociraptor.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Cartoon Velociraptor

How to Draw a Great Looking Cartoon Velociraptor for Kids and Beginners - Step 1

How to Draw a Velociraptor Step 01

1. Begin by using overlapping curved lines to draw an incomplete, irregular oval shape. The overlap at the bottom will become the dinosaur's mouth.

Easy Cartoon Velociraptor Drawing - Step 2

How to Draw a Velociraptor Step 02

2. Detail the raptor's face. Draw a curved line for the mouth, and enclose triangular teeth beneath it. Use curved lines to draw the brows and nostril ridges. Use a small circle for the nostril. Craft the eye using an upside-down teardrop shape. Shade a small oval inside it. On the back of the head, use overlapping "U" shaped lines to indicate feathers or spikes.

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Easy Cartoon Velociraptor Drawing - Step 3

How to Draw a Velociraptor Step 03

3. Extend a long, curved line from the back of the head to outline the neck and body. Double the line back upon itself to meet the base of the jaw.

Easy Cartoon Velociraptor Drawing - Step 4

How to Draw a Velociraptor Step 04

4. Draw the tail, erasing as necessary. Extend a pair of curved lines from the body, and allow them to meet at a gentle point.

Easy Cartoon Velociraptor Drawing - Step 5

How to Draw a Velociraptor Step 05

5. Draw a long curved line from just below the chin to the tip of the tail.

Easy Cartoon Velociraptor Drawing - Step 6

How to Draw a Velociraptor Step 06

6. Draw the leg, erasing as necessary. Use pairs of lines to sketch the upper leg, lower, leg, and foot, noting the bends of the joints. Draw the teardrop-shaped claws, including the large claw the velociraptor is famous for.

Easy Cartoon Velociraptor Drawing - Step 7

How to Draw a Velociraptor Step 07

7. Use curved lines to sketch the remaining leg, complete with teardrop-shaped claws.

Add More Details to Your Cartoon Velociraptor Picture - Step 8

How to Draw a Velociraptor Step 08

8. Draw the forearm, erasing as necessary. Use pairs of lines for each portion, noting the elbow and the bends of the fingers.

Complete the Outline of Your Cartoon Velociraptor Drawing - Step 9

How to Draw a Velociraptor Step 09

9. Use curved lines to sketch the remaining forearm and claws.

Color Your Cartoon Velociraptor Drawing

How to Draw a Velociraptor Step 10

Color your velociraptor. The fossil record doesn't tell us what colors or patterns dinosaurs wore, so be creative!

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Easy, step by step Cartoon Velociraptor drawing tutorial
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Learn More About The Cartoon Velociraptor Drawing

"Try to imagine yourself in the Cretaceous Period. You get your first look at this six-foot turkey as you enter a clearing. He moves like a bird, lightly, bobbing his head... You stare at him, and he just stares right back. And that's when the attack comes.

Not from the front, but from the side, from the other two 'raptors you didn't even know were there. Because Velociraptor's a pack hunter, you see; he uses coordinated attack patterns and he is out in force today. And he slashes at you with this - a six-inch retractable claw, like a razor, on the middle toe.

He doesn't bother to bite your jugular like a lion, oh no... He slashes at you here, or here... Or maybe across the belly, spilling your intestines. The point is, you are alive when they start to eat you. So, you know, try to show a little respect."
- Alan Grant, Jurassic Park

The term velociraptor means "swift seizer." It was native to Asia, while the larger deinonychus flourished in North America. It is known for its large claw, which it may have used as a weapon in the way the cassowary does today.

The velociraptor was first discovered in 1923. In 2007, a specimen was unearthed with quill knobs - protrusions to which feathers are anchored - on its forearm. This means that the velociraptor definitely wore at least some feathers.

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Did you know? The velociraptors in the Jurassic Park films were much larger than fossil evidence suggests. Rather than being 6-foot-tall monsters that could look a grown man in the eye, raptors were actually about the size of a turkey.

The dinosaurs in the film were based on the velociraptor's larger cousin, deinonychus.

Would you like to draw a cartoon velociraptor? This easy, step-by-step cartoon dinosaur drawing guide is here to show you how.

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