How to Draw a Christmas Stocking

Easy, step by step Christmas Stocking drawing tutorial
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What is a Christmas stocking? Historically, a stocking was a long sock worn by both men and women. Christmas stockings, on the other hand, are large, oversize sock-shaped bags.

These are hung near the fireplace, near the Christmas tree, or on the bedpost in hopes that they will be filled with "stocking stuffers" - small toys, candy, fruit, coins, or other gifts.

The tradition of the Christmas stocking is thought to originate with Saint Nicholas. It was said that St. Nick threw bags of gold into the house of a needy family, and they fell into stockings hung by the fireplace to dry.

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Odin, the mythological predecessor of St. Nick, was thought to leave gold in boots and wooden shoes left by the chimney.

Both Odin and St. Nick were said to ride a horse through the air and across the rooftops during a nocturnal ride.

After traveling to North America with Dutch settlers, these elements were adopted into Santa Claus and his reindeer-driven sleigh.

Originally, children simply hung their actual socks as receptacles for treats. By the 1800s, special stockings were sold for this purpose.

In some European countries, stockings are hung on the night of December 6 for the observance of Saint Nicholas Day, while in other areas the stockings are hung on Christmas Eve.

Would you like to draw a Christmas stocking? Now you can, with the help of this simple, step-by-step stocking drawing tutorial.

All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

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​Step by Step Instructions for Drawing​ a Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking drawing - step 1
How to Draw Christmas Stocking: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing two diagonal curved lines, parallel to one another. Draw curved lines upward from each end of the bottom line, nearly connecting with the top line. This forms the cuff of the stocking.

Christmas Stocking drawing - step 2
How to Draw Christmas Stocking: Step 2

2. Draw a long curved line downward from one side of the cuff. Double it back upon itself, and connect it to the opposite side of the cuff. This forms the stocking itself.

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Christmas Stocking drawing - step 3
How to Draw Christmas Stocking: Step 3

3. Begin to decorate the stocking. Use curved lines that meet at sharp points to outline the shape of a pine tree. For the trunk, draw two straight lines connected by a short straight line.

Christmas Stocking drawing - step 4
How to Draw Christmas Stocking: Step 4

4. Outline "X" shapes using curved lines. These could be stars, snowflakes, or stitches on the stocking.

Christmas Stocking drawing - step 5
How to Draw Christmas Stocking: Step 5

5. Decorate the cuff of the stocking by drawing many parallel, wavy lines.

Christmas Stocking drawing - step 6
How to Draw Christmas Stocking: Step 6

6. Draw a package sticking out of the top of the stocking. Use three straight lines to outline a rectangular shape. Then, use two more straight lines to enclose a rectangular shape to one side of the first. Finally, enclose a rectangular shape at the top using two straight lines, giving the package a three-dimensional appearance.

Christmas Stocking drawing - step 7
How to Draw Christmas Stocking: Step 7

7. Draw a small circle on the package, and use curved lines to enclose the bow on either side of it. Draw pairs of curved lines to form the ribbons, concluding in a "V" shaped line. Finally, use pairs of straight lines to draw the ribbons that surround the package. Erase guide lines as necessary.

Christmas Stocking drawing - step 8
How to Draw Christmas Stocking: Step 8

8. Draw a second package. Use slightly curved lines to outline its rectangular shape. Then, use a small circle, curved lines, and a "V" shaped line to draw the ribbons and bow.

Christmas Stocking drawing - step 9
How to Draw Christmas Stocking: Step 9

9. Extend curved lines from behind the packages then double them back upon themselves to enclose a "J" shape. Band each shape with curved lines, forming candy canes.

Complete Christmas Stocking drawing
How to Draw Christmas Stocking: Step 10

Color your stocking. Many stockings are in the "classic" Christmas colors of green and red, but they can come in any color you could imagine.

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The Complete Christmas Stocking Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to draw: Christmas Stocking - all drawing steps
How to Draw Christmas Stocking

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