How to Draw a Cute Heart

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Learn how to draw a great looking Cute Heart with easy, step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Cute Heart

How to Draw a Great Looking Cute Heart for Kids and Beginners - Step 1

Cute Heart step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 1

1. Begin the cute heart outline by drawing a large heart. Inside it, draw an upside-down “U” shaped line. This will become the heart’s eye.

Easy Cute Heart Drawing - Step 2

Cute Heart step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 2

2. Connect the sides of the “U” with a curved line. Inside the eye, draw two smaller ovals within a larger oval.

Shade between them to indicate the pupil. On the opposite side, draw a curved line to indicate the closed, winking eye.

Easy Cute Heart Drawing - Step 3

Cute Heart step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 3

3. Shade two overlapping curved triangles alongside the open eye to indicate eyelashes. Then, draw a curved line over the winking eye to contour the eyelid.

Easy Cute Heart Drawing - Step 4

Cute Heart step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 4

4. Shade two curved, overlapping triangles on top of the winking eye to indicate its eyelashes. Then, draw the crescent shape of the smiling mouth.

Easy Cute Heart Drawing - Step 5

Cute Heart step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 5

5. Draw an oval below each eye to indicate the blushing cheeks. Then, draw a rounded “M” shaped line inside the mouth to form the tongue.

Easy Cute Heart Drawing - Step 6

Cute Heart step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 6

6. Draw a bow on the heart’s forehead, erasing as necessary. Use a rounded rectangle for the knot, and a partial heart shape for the lobe of the bow.

Easy Cute Heart Drawing - Step 7

Cute Heart step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 7

7. Draw the remaining side of the bow, erasing the heart as necessary. Use short curved lines to contour the fabric of the bow.

Add More Details to Your Cute Heart Picture - Step 8

Cute Heart step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 8

8. Continue contouring the bow. Decorate it with polka dots by drawing small circles.

Complete the Outline of Your Cute Heart Drawing - Step 9

Cute Heart step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 9

9. Complete your cute heart outline by filling in the bow with additional polka dots.

Color Your Cute Heart Drawing

Cute Heart step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 10

Color your cute heart cartoon. We’ve shaded ours in red, a common symbol of love that is frequently used on heart shapes.

Did you know? The different colored heart emojis have different meanings. Red is for love, orange and yellow for friendship, green for nature or jealousy, blue for trust or sympathy, and purple for luxury.

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Easy, step by step Cute Heart drawing tutorial
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Learn More About The Cute Heart Drawing

Would you like to learn how to draw a cute heart? This adorable heart emoji cartoon drawing guide will show you how.

Smiley faces and heart emojis have taken over the way we communicate. We use them to convey meaning, such as happiness, sadness, love, friendship, admiration, or sympathy.

When the heart emoji wear faces like this one, they can communicate our emotions even more clearly.

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Are you ready to draw the cute heart outline? You will need a pencil with an eraser and a sheet of paper.

You can also color your drawing with colored pencils, crayons, markers, or paints. Add this cute cartoon to your school supplies, stationery, Instagram feed, or whatever you want!

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