36 Heart Drawing Tutorials for Kids

Have you ever doodled a heart in your notebook, on your hand, or somewhere else? Some people even sketch hearts in the dust or carve them into trees. Hearts are a favorite thing to draw.

Why are hearts so popular? One reason is that they engender positive emotions in us.

Whether you want to say you love your boyfriend, love your friends, love your pet, or love ice cream, just the act of loving those things likely brings you joy.

When we let someone know that we love them, it can make them feel good, too. One way to do that is by drawing a heart like those in the list below.

Is drawing a heart difficult? Not at all! A basic heart consists of just two curved lines that meet at two points. See the easy heart tutorial, below.

Of course, many of our heart drawing guides are more complex than this. But these easy, step-by-step drawing guides break the process down into simple lines and shapes.

In each tutorial step, you will see new lines highlighted in blue. Add them to your drawing. Keep an eraser handy, because sometimes you will need to erase lines from previous steps.

Did you know? The modern heart shape as we know it may have come about by accident. Its first known association with love and romance occurred in the thirteenth century.

The illustration of a young man handing a heart to his love appears in a book - but based on the story, the heart shape was likely meant to represent a fruit instead!

36 Easy Heart Drawing Ideas

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