How to Draw a German Shepherd Dog

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a German Shepherd

How to Draw a Great Looking German Shepherd for Kids and Beginners - Step 1

How to Draw German Shepherd Step 01

1. Begin by drawing a circle. This will help you to form the German shepherd’s head.

Easy German Shepherd Drawing - Step 2

How to Draw German Shepherd Step 02

2. Draw the ears, erasing as necessary. Use curved lines that meet at gentle points to form each ear.

Easy German Shepherd Drawing - Step 3

How to Draw German Shepherd Step 03

3. Contour the face, erasing as necessary. On the cheeks, give the impression of bushy fur by drawing a series of short lines that meet at jagged points. Connect the cheeks with a curved line, outlining the protrusion of the snout.

Easy German Shepherd Drawing - Step 4

How to Draw German Shepherd Step 04

4. Detail the inner ears with a triangular shape. Notice the overlapping “U” shaped lines on one side of the triangle. Use thick curved lines to form the eyebrows. Draw several successively smaller circles to form the eyes; shade between the two smallest. Draw an oval within an oval to form the nose, and shade between them. Draw a “W” shaped line to indicate the mouth. Contour the snout by drawing two lines upward from the nose and a curved line at the base of the snout.

Easy German Shepherd Drawing - Step 5

How to Draw German Shepherd Step 05

5. Enclose a triangular patch of fur beneath the head. For each side, use a series of short, curved lines that meet at jagged points.

Easy German Shepherd Drawing - Step 6

How to Draw German Shepherd Step 06

6. Draw the dog’s legs. Use pairs of curved lines for each. Then, enclose the paws by using “U” shaped lines to form each toe. At the base of the legs, draw furry patches using a series of curved lines that meet at jagged points.

Easy German Shepherd Drawing - Step 7

How to Draw German Shepherd Step 07

7. Outline the dog’s back and belly. Note the jagged, furry lines at the shoulders, hips, and all along the belly.

Add More Details to Your German Shepherd Picture - Step 8

How to Draw German Shepherd Step 08

8. Draw the rear legs. Use pairs of long, curved lines for each. Note the patches of jagged fur near the tops of the legs, and the bend of the ankle. Enclose the paws using “U” shaped lines to form each toe. Draw a short, curved line at the ankle.

Complete the Outline of Your German Shepherd Drawing - Step 9

How to Draw German Shepherd Step 09

9. Draw the shepherd’s tail. Use a series of short, curved lines that meet at points, and double it back upon itself. Then, use a similar series of lines to texture the tail and body.

Color Your German Shepherd Drawing

How to Draw German Shepherd Step 10

Color your cartoon German shepherd dog. Many German shepherds are black and tan, but they can also be solid white or solid black. A variety known as the king shepherd has patches of white on the belly, tail, and chin. Panda shepherds have brown blocks of color around their eyes with white or cream muzzles extending up the center of the face.

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Easy, step by step German Shepherd drawing tutorial
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Learn More About The German Shepherd Drawing

The German shepherd is a large dog known for its intelligence, loyalty, and noble appearance. German shepherds are working dogs; they were bred for work in herding livestock and protecting the farm.

Other names for the breed include Alsatian hound, Alsatian wolf-dog, or Schaferhund.

Today, German shepherds serve as beloved pets, watchdogs, military and police dogs, and as guides for the blind. German shepherds also compete in dog shows and agility competitions. As working dogs, they have abundant energy; they require plenty of exercise and diversion.

German shepherds have long been a favorite subject of both fine art and cartoons. Notable examples include Rin Tin Tin, Disney's Bolt, and Batman's Ace the Bat-Hound.

Superman's Krypto the Superdog also resembles a white German shepherd, although he is officially of a generic pedigree.

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