How to Draw a Heron

Learn how to draw a great looking Heron with easy, step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.

By following the simple steps, you too can easily draw a perfect Heron.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Heron

How to Draw a Great Looking Heron for Kids and Beginners - Step 1

Heron step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 1

1. Begin the heron outline by drawing the bird's head. Use curved lines to sketch the head, eye, and extra-long beak. Shade a small circle inside the eye to indicate the pupil.

Easy Heron Drawing - Step 2

Heron step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 2

2. Draw the long, snake-like neck using a series of curved lines that meet at jagged points. The overall shape of the neck should be the letter "S," with the points giving it a feathered texture. Then, draw a curved line to indicate the top of the wing.

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Easy Heron Drawing - Step 3

Heron step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 3

3. Use long and short lines that overlap and meet at points to sketch the teardrop-shaped wing.

Easy Heron Drawing - Step 4

Heron step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 4

4. Use a series of curved lines that meet at jagged points to draw the bird's chest and the upper part of the leg. Then, extend a long curved line to begin the featherless portion of the leg. Notice the bends of the "elbow" and ankle.

Easy Heron Drawing - Step 5

Heron step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 5

5. Draw another long, curved line roughly parallel to the previous line. Then, use overlapping "U" shaped lines to draw the bird's toes. Enclose a curved, teardrop-shaped claw at the tip of each toe.

Easy Heron Drawing - Step 6

Heron step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 6

6. Draw the remaining leg. Use jagged lines to draw the upper portion of the leg, and parallel lines for the lower portion. Then, finish enclosing the bird's body, using a series of jagged lines to form the tail.

Easy Heron Drawing - Step 7

Heron step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 7

7. Use jagged lines to texture the feather's on the heron's head, wing, and stomach.

Add More Details to Your Heron Picture - Step 8

Heron step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 8

8. Texture the wing with more feathers, and draw short lines along the fronts of the legs. Then, draw a straight, horizontal line passing behind the legs. This is the horizon line. Use curved lines to draw a ripple in the water around the heron's legs.

Complete the Outline of Your Heron Drawing - Step 9

Heron step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 9

9. Use connected curved lines to draw cloudlike shrubbery in the background. Use additional curved lines to draw waves in the water.

Color Your Heron Drawing

Heron step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 11

Your cartoon heron outline is now complete. Herons come in many colors, ranging from brown to green to white.

In North America, the great blue heron is the largest and most beautiful of these birds. In Where the Crawdads Sing, Delia Owens describes the color of the great blue heron in this way:

"A great blue heron is the color of gray mist reflecting in blue water. And like mist, she can fade into the backdrop, all of her disappearing except the concentric circles of her lock-and-load eyes."

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Easy, step by step Heron drawing tutorial
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Would you like to learn how to draw a heron? This easy, step-by-step bird drawing tutorial can show you how.

Herons are tall, slender birds with long legs, necks, and beaks. You can see these features in our illustration.

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