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Easy, step by step Library drawing tutorial
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Have you been to the library lately? This is a great place to seek enlightenment or to discover your Ying & Yang. You can learn how to draw one with this cartoon library drawing guide!

A library is a "collection of books used for reading or study." You can keep a personal library in your home, or you can visit a public library, where you can share books with other members of your community.

By extension, a library can be any collection of information. By that definition, our collection of drawing tutorials here at Easy Drawing Guides is also a library of sorts!

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The earliest known libraries date back thousands of years and contained information on clay tablets instead of in books. Perhaps the most famous library was the Great Library of Alexandria in Egypt. It may have held 400,000 scrolls.

Sadly, this library was destroyed during fires and rebellions during the ancient Roman period.

Do you have a study or library at home? Since it's really quiet in here, you can focus on demanding tasks such as finishing a complex puzzle.

The world of drawing can be an open book to you. Sharpen your pencils, but Shhh! Remember to be quiet in the library!

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Library

Library drawing - step 1
How to Draw Library: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing a cartoon of a student reading in the library. Outline the face, bangs, and ear using curved lines. Notice the pointed angles and overlapping lines of the hair. Then, draw the top of the head and the remainder of the hair using a long curved line.

Library drawing - step 2
How to Draw Library: Step 2

2. Draw the cartoon character's face. Shade small ovals for the downcast eyes. Use thick curved lines for the eyebrows, eyelids, nose, and mouth.

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Library drawing - step 3
How to Draw Library: Step 3

3. Draw the book that the character is reading. Draw a narrow curved rectangle for the book's spine, and larger ones for the front and back covers. Draw a curved line at the top of the spine to indicate the binding, then enclose curved rectangles on top of the book to form the pages. Draw a half-circle beneath the face and curved lines between the head and the book to outline the neck and shoulders.

Library drawing - step 4
How to Draw Library: Step 4

4. Use curved lines to outline the irregular shapes of the student's hands grasping the covers of the book. Then, draw the desk or table at which the person is sitting. Use straight lines to outline the rectangular shape.

Library drawing - step 5
How to Draw Library: Step 5

5. Erase overlapping lines from the hands. Then, draw the bookshelf. Draw a large rectangle. Then, draw a slightly smaller rectangle inside it. Next, draw sets of straight parallel lines between the sides of the rectangle to indicate the shelves.

Library drawing - step 6
How to Draw Library: Step 6

6. Draw books on the top shelf. Enclose vertical rectangles of various heights and widths.

Library drawing - step 7
How to Draw Library: Step 7

7. Draw books filling the second shelf. Again, enclose vertical rectangles of various heights and widths.

Library drawing - step 8
How to Draw Library: Step 8

8. Draw books filling the third shelf. Again, enclose vertical rectangles of various heights and widths.

Library drawing - step 9
How to Draw Library: Step 9

9. Draw a ladder propped against the bookcase. First, draw two sets of narrowly spaced parallel lines at a diagonal angle from the side of the bookshelf to the side of the table. Then, draw pairs of parallel lines between them to form the rungs of the ladder.

Complete Library drawing
How to Draw Library: Step 10

Color your cartoon library. Books come in a rainbow of colors, so be creative!

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The Complete Library Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to draw: Library - all drawing steps
How to Draw Library

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