How to Draw a Marionette Puppet

Easy, step by step Marionette Puppet drawing tutorial
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"I've got no strings
To hold me down,
To make me fret,
Or make me frown.
I had strings
But now I'm free!
There are no strings on me."
- Disney's Pinocchio

A marionette or string puppet is a type of toy puppet that is "manipulated from above by strings or threads attached to a control." The more strings there are, the more control the puppeteer has. "Some are capable of imitating almost every human and animal action."

Puppets controlled by strings date back thousands of years. Marionette operas were popular in Europe throughout the 1700s and 1800s.

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Perhaps the most famous marionette puppet is Pinocchio. He was crafted by a childless toymaker. When he told a lie, his nose grew! In the Disney film, Pinocchio was assisted in his quest by a cricket named Jiminy.

Another modern marionette is Woody from Toy Story. During the sequel film, Woody finds out that he, Jessie, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete were the puppet stars of an old television show.

Would you like to draw a cartoon of a marionette puppet like Pinocchio? This easy, step-by-step cartoon character drawing guide can show you how. What will you need? Only a pen, pencil, or marker.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Marionette Puppet

Marionette Puppet drawing - step 1
How to Draw Marionette Puppet: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing the puppet's face. Enclose each eye using two curved lines - one long line and one short line. Then, use curved lines to draw the eyebrows and the nose.

Marionette Puppet drawing - step 2
How to Draw Marionette Puppet: Step 2

2. Use a long curved line to outline the toy's face. Connect the ends of the line by enclosing the puppet's cloud-like hair. Then, draw a curved line across the top of the head to outline the hat, and another to form the smiling mouth.

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Marionette Puppet drawing - step 3
How to Draw Marionette Puppet: Step 3

3. Draw a partial circle at the top of the hat. Use wavy lines to enclose the hair on the side of the head and the frilly collar beneath. Indicate the neck by enclosing a small half circle.

Marionette Puppet drawing - step 4
How to Draw Marionette Puppet: Step 4

4. Use overlapping curved lines to outline the sleeve and torso of the clown or jester garment. Begin drawing the arm using a pair of curved lines, allowing them to meet at a gentle point. Draw a large circle below the collar, and a small one at the end of the arm.

Marionette Puppet drawing - step 5
How to Draw Marionette Puppet: Step 5

5. Use overlapping curved lines to sketch the mitten-like hand and thumb. Then, complete the outline of the shirt using curved lines.

Marionette Puppet drawing - step 6
How to Draw Marionette Puppet: Step 6

6. Use pairs of curved lines with a small half circle between them to enclose the upper and lower segments of the remaining arm. Draw a small circle at the end of the arm, followed by a mitten-like hand. Contour the palm with a short line.

Marionette Puppet drawing - step 7
How to Draw Marionette Puppet: Step 7

7. Outline the legs, using two curved lines for each. Contour the knees with a short line. Enclose the end of one leg with a scalloped series of short lines. Then, extend a curved line from the leg and double it back upon itself to enclose the shoe.

Marionette Puppet drawing - step 8
How to Draw Marionette Puppet: Step 8

8. Enclose the end of the remaining leg using a series of scalloped, curved lines, then double a line back upon itself to form the foot. Then, draw a diagonal rectangle above the doll. Draw straight lines parallel to the lower sides. Draw a small oval in the center. This is the wooden bar used to control the puppet's movements.

Marionette Puppet drawing - step 9
How to Draw Marionette Puppet: Step 9

9. Draw a second rectangle at a perpendicular angle to the first, forming a crossbar. Draw straight lines parallel to the rectangle's lower sides. Then, draw lines from the bars to the puppet's head, hands, and legs. These are the puppet's strings.

Complete Marionette Puppet drawing
How to Draw Marionette Puppet: Step 10

Color your cartoon marionette puppet.

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The Complete Marionette Puppet Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to draw: Marionette Puppet - all drawing steps
How to Draw Marionette Puppet

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