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Mice have been a cartoon staple for over 100 years. From familiar characters such Mickey Mouse and Tom and Jerry, to many others - the rats of NIHM, the Great Mouse Detective, and the Rescuers, just to name a few - these cute creatures have captured our hearts and our imaginations.

Would you like to be able to draw a cartoon mouse? Use this step-by-step tutorial to learn to draw your very own cute mouse cartoon. This mouse's large, expressive eyes endow it with a sense of visual depth and emotion.

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What will you need to begin? You will need only a few supplies - a piece of paper and a writing implement, such as a pencil, markers, or a pen. After you've finished, you may color in your mouse to truly bring your sketch to life.

In the illustrated guide below, the new marks in each step are highlighted in blue. Sketch lightly at first, as you will be erasing some of your early marks as you go along. Once you have mastered this mouse, why not experiment with changing the position of his head, arms, or tail. Soon, you will be able to use your mouse cartoon for any project you may desire.

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Easy, step by step Mouse drawing tutorial
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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Mouse

How to Draw a Mouse: Featured Image
Mouse drawing - step 1
How to draw a mouse Step: 1

Begin by drawing a circle.

Mouse drawing - step 2
How to draw a mouse Step: 2

To the left of the circle, draw a curved line, sloping downward.

Mouse drawing - step 3
How to draw a mouse Step: 3

Draw a similar line on the right side.

Mouse drawing - step 4
How to draw a mouse Step: 4

Erase the guidelines formed by the original circle, leaving open spots on the top and bottom.

Mouse drawing - step 5
How to draw a mouse Step: 5

Draw the ears using two curved lines. To create depth, one ear will be much larger and more rounded than the other.

Mouse drawing - step 6
How to draw a mouse Step: 6

Detail the inside of the ears using four curved lines - one on the far ear and three on the near ear.

Mouse drawing - step 7
How to draw a mouse Step: 7

Give your mouse some hair. Use four lines to draw two curved triangles between the ears.

Mouse drawing - step 8
How to draw a mouse Step: 8

Erase the guidelines from within the hair.

Mouse drawing - step 9
How to draw a mouse Step: 9

Use a long, curved line to form the mouse's neck and body.

Mouse drawing - step 10
How to draw a mouse Step: 10

Begin to shape the mouse's upper leg using two curved lines within the body shape, bringing these to a point at the bottom.

Mouse drawing - step 11
How to draw a mouse Step: 11

Draw the feet. Use one curved line to form each foot. The feet will be shaped like half ovals.

Mouse drawing - step 12
How to draw a mouse Step: 12

Draw the arms using two curved lines. The arms hang downwards from the middle of the body.

Mouse drawing - step 13
How to draw a mouse Step: 13

Erase the guideline from within the left arm.

Mouse drawing - step 14
How to draw a mouse Step: 14

Add detail to your mouse's toes. On each hand and foot, use two short, curved lines to separate the hand into three fingers and the foot into three toes.

Mouse drawing - step 15
How to draw a mouse Step: 15

Draw the tail using two long, curving lines. Each line will be shaped like a loose letter "S," and the lines will meet in a point behind the mouse's head.

Mouse drawing - step 16
How to draw a mouse Step: 16

Draw the nose at the tip of the snout. The nose should be an irregular circular, slightly pointed on the right and bottom.

Mouse drawing - step 17
How to draw a mouse Step: 17

Draw the eye by placing a large circle in the middle of the head.

Mouse drawing - step 18
How to draw a mouse Step: 18

Give your mouse whiskers. First, draw three dots below the nose. Then, use two long curving lines to extend whiskers from the face, near the dots. Use two shorter curved lines to place whiskers on the far side of the face.

Mouse drawing - step 19
How to draw a mouse Step: 19

Draw the pupil of the eye. Begin with a slightly smaller circle within the large eye circle. Draw two small ovals on opposite sides of the pupil, one larger than the other. Shade the pupil.

Mouse drawing - step 20
How to draw a mouse Step: 20

Complete your mouse with color. A suggested color scheme involves shading the mouse in brown or gray, and coloring the inside of the ears pink.

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  • This is such a cute mouse and I want to thank the website who made this. Mine turned out so pretty adorable and cute I wish I could post a picture. Unlike other guided this one was easy with simple lines and did not confuse me at all. This mouse is perfect for the book I’m writings

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