How to Draw a Rat

Would you like to be able to draw a rat? Follow this easy step-by-step tutorial to learn how.

In each of the step-by-step illustrated guides below, the new marks in each step are highlighted in blue.

You will not need any special tools to draw a rat – only a piece of paper and something to draw with, such as a pen, pencil, or marker.

Sketch lightly at first, as you will be erasing some lines as you complete your rat drawing.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Rat

How to Draw Rat: Step 1

Begin by drawing a circle on the middle right of your paper.

How to Draw Rat: Step 2

Next, draw a rounded triangle protruding from the right side of the circle. The triangle and circle will overlap.

How to Draw Rat: Step 3

Connect the triangle and circle with short, straight, lines.

How to Draw Rat: Step 4

Erase the overlapping areas of the circle and triangle.

How to Draw Rat: Step 5

Draw another, slightly larger circle to the left of the first circle. The two circles should overlap.

How to Draw Rat: Step 6

Draw another, larger circle to the left of the second circle. These circles do not touch.

How to Draw Rat: Step 7

Connect the circles on top and bottom using curved lines.

How to Draw Rat: Step 8

Erase the overlapping lines, allowing a small portion of the top of each circle to remain within your new shape.

How to Draw Rat: Step 9

Next, use curving lines to form the closest front leg. Begin in the middle of the shape, slightly to the right of center. The lines will curve toward each other before coming to a point at the foot. A small line within this shape designates the toes. For the far leg, draw a triangle that does not meet at the tip. Using five curved lines, form three toes that extend to the right and end in a point.

How to Draw Rat: Step 10

Erase the line crossing the nearer leg.

How to Draw Rat: Step 11

Add fur detail using short curved lines that come together in jagged points.

How to Draw Rat: Step 12

Erase guidelines from the near leg and the large circle of the back.

How to Draw Rat: Step 13

To draw the rear leg, begin with two curved lines. One will extend from the middle left of what was the large circle. The other will extend from the center of what was the large circle, to its bottom. Connect the two curved lines with short lines forming a jagged fur detail. To form the foot, extend a loose s-curve from the jagged line to the right. To form toes, use four curved lines in an “M” shape. Use another curved line to connect the remaining line to the rat’s stomach.

How to Draw Rat: Step 14

Erase the curved guide line from the rear leg.

How to Draw Rat: Step 15

To draw the base of the tail, begin by drawing a curved line from the middle left of the drawing, downwards. Use several short strokes to form a jagged fur detail. Connect this to the rear leg using a curved line.

How to Draw Rat: Step 16

Draw the tail using two long, curved lines. These will begin on each side of the base of the tail and curve to the right, ending below the front feet. The curved lines should meet in a blunt point. Then, use seven short, curved lines to add texture to the tail. These lines should run from the left tail line to the right, ending just before meeting the right tail line.

How to Draw Rat: Step 17

Each ear consists of two curved lines. For the nearer ear, overlap an irregular, partial circle with the top of the second circle you drew. The circle should be open to the bottom right. Draw a similar, smaller circle within it. For the far ear, draw a short, upside down hook, open to the right side and extending from the top right of the second original circle. Draw another hook facing the left, connecting the top of the first hook to the rat’s head.

How to Draw Rat: Step 18

Draw the eye just below and to the right of the far ear. Draw a nose at the tip of the snout – it should resemble a rounded, upside down triangle.

How to Draw Rat: Step 19

Draw another circle within the eye circle. Use six nearly straight lines to draw whiskers, extending downwards from the nose.

How to Draw Rat: Step 20

Erase the guide lines within the near ear. Shade the area between the eye circles.

How to Draw Rat: Step 21

Color your rat.

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