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How to Draw a Snowman

How to Draw a Snowman

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It snowed here yesterday. Maybe it is a little early for the winter but it's never too early for some fun and games in the snow. Drawing a wintery snowman is easy with the step-by-step instructions below.

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Again, we will be using basic shapes to draw our snowman. Draw lightly, as many of the lines will be erased later. When we're finished, you can outline your drawing with heavier lines.

​In the guide below, each step is highlighted in a light blue color.

You don't need any special pens or tools. A regular pencil, eraser, and paper are all you need. If you want, you can also color the drawing with colored pencils or pens.

Step-by-Step Instructions
for Drawing a Snowman

How to Draw a Snowman: Step 1

Begin by drawing a small circle. Make sure it is not too high up on the page, as you will need some space for the snowman’s hat.

How to Draw a Snowman: Step 2

Next, make a cross inside the circle; it will help you to draw the snowman’s eyes, nose, and mouth in the right spots.

How to Draw a Snowman: Step 3

Draw a small rectangle at top of the circle. Then draw two slightly curvy lines above it. The line on the right should be a little longer. Connect the two lines with another curving line to make the hat.

How to Draw a Snowman: Step 4

Add two small circles for the eyes and a cone shape for the nose. The nose starts from the middle and points slightly downwards. Draw the mouth with a slightly angled smile. Adjust the triangle at the bottom of the hat by curving its lines slightly downwards.

How to Draw a Snowman: Step 5

Erase the extra lines in the head and hat.

How to Draw a Snowman: Step 6

Draw two overlapping ovals under the snowman's head. The one at the bottom should be bigger.

How to Draw a Snowman: Step 7

Draw three small rectangles for the scarf. The one directly under the head is horizontal, the other two are slightly angled.

How to Draw a Snowman: Step 8

Add some details; short lines for the tassels and a row of tiny circles for buttons.

How to Draw a Snowman: Step 9

Erase the extra lines from the scarf and sketch arms for your snowman. The arms should be a little angled to look more like tree branches that end in small forks.

How to Draw a Snowman: Step 10

Color your snowman. You can use a dark color for the back of the drawing and maybe add some snowflakes, too.

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