How to Draw a Whale Shark

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Learn how to draw a great looking Whale Shark with easy, step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Whale Shark

How to Draw a Great Looking Whale Shark for Kids and Beginners - Step 1

Whale Shark step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 1

1. Start with a long curved line that doubles back on itself. Outlines the whale shark's head.

Easy Whale Shark Drawing - Step 2

Whale Shark step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 2

2. Draw another curved line in line with the top of the first one, but notice that the two lines don't touch. Use another curved line to enclose a rounded triangle on top of them. This is the shark's dorsal fin. Enclose another small rounded triangle further down the line of the shark's back.

Easy Whale Shark Drawing - Step 3

Whale Shark step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 3

3. Use two straight lines and one curved line to enclose each of the shark's rounded triangular eyes. Inside each triangle, draw a partial circle with a smaller circle inside it. Shade between them to indicate the pupils of the eyes.

Easy Whale Shark Drawing - Step 4

Whale Shark step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 4

4. Use curved lines to outline the whale shark's large, open mouth.

Did you know? Whale sharks are filter feeders - they suck in water and eat the tiniest creatures that live in it.

Easy Whale Shark Drawing - Step 5

Whale Shark step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 5

5. Use curved lines to trace each of the whale shark's triangular pectoral fins.

Easy Whale Shark Drawing - Step 6

Whale Shark step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 6

6. Draw two curved lines at the side of the whale shark's face, behind its eye. These are the gills, slits that the shark uses to breathe water. Then, use a series of curved lines to draw the shark's belly, tail, and the small fins along it.

Easy Whale Shark Drawing - Step 7

Whale Shark step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 7

7. Use curved lines to enclose the triangle shape of the shark's tail fin.

Add More Details to Your Whale Shark Picture - Step 8

Whale Shark step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 8

8. Begin drawing small circles in straight lines along the shark's side and tail. These are its characteristic spots.

Did you know? A whale shark's spots are like your fingerprints. Each individual's spots are unique and can be used to identify him or her.

Complete the Outline of Your Whale Shark Drawing - Step 9

Whale Shark step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 9

9. Finish drawing the small spots along the whale shark's head and fin.

Color Your Whale Shark Drawing

Whale Shark step-by-step drawing tutorial: step 11

Your cartoon whale shark outline is now complete. Color your whale shark gray or dark blue, leaving the spots white. Whale sharks are typically darker on top with lighter-colored bellies.

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Easy, step by step Whale Shark drawing tutorial
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Learn More About The Whale Shark Drawing

You can learn how to draw a whale shark with this easy, step-by-step animal drawing tutorial.

Whale sharks are big. In fact, they are the largest fish in the sea. Whale sharks are as long as a bus.

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You can make your whale shark larger than this great white shark drawing but smaller than the blue whale drawing to accurately compare their sizes.

Do you need a really big piece of paper? Actually, you can draw this whale shark on any size of paper. Don't forget your blue and gray crayons, colored pencils, or markers to shade the cartoon fish and its watery home.

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