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Easy, step by step Deathstroke drawing tutorial
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Deathstroke is a supervillain, a mercenary and assassin. He is an archenemy of superheroes such as the Teen Titans, Batman, and the Green Arrow.

Slade Wilson, the man who would become Deathstroke, enlisted in the army at age 16. Eventually, army Captain Adeline Kane fell in love with him and privately trained him in techniques of guerrilla warfare. The two married and Slade served in the Vietnam War. Later, he was involved in an experiment to create enhanced super-soldiers. Soon, he defied orders and became a mercenary.

Deathstroke first appeared in The New Teen Titans comic book in 1980. He has been called "the first modern supervillain." Said one comic book writer, "He wasn't some misunderstood anarchist." Rather, he deliberately did repulsive and immoral things in order to exact revenge on his enemies.

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Would you like to draw DC Comics' Deathstroke? This easy, step-by-step supervillain drawing guide can show you how. You will only need a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Deathstroke

Deathstroke drawing - step 1
How to Draw Deathstroke: Step 1

1. Begin by sketching the irregular shape of Deathstroke’s head. Notice the square chin.

Deathstroke drawing - step 2
How to Draw Deathstroke: Step 2

2. Extend lines from the chin and back of the head to indicate the neck. Connect them using a “V” shaped line. Draw an inverted triangle with a rounded point just below the chin. Band this shape and the neck with curved lines.

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Deathstroke drawing - step 3
How to Draw Deathstroke: Step 3

3. Extend a line from the neck to form the shoulder. Then, use curved lines to enclose the irregular shape of the shoulder armor.

Deathstroke drawing - step 4
How to Draw Deathstroke: Step 4

4. Extend two short, curved lines from the shoulder armor. Connect them at the bottom with a pair of curved lines. Band between these lines using short, curved lines.

Deathstroke drawing - step 5
How to Draw Deathstroke: Step 5

5. Use pairs of curved lines to sketch the muscular arm, bent at the elbow. Then, use curved lines to sketch the top of the gauntlet.

Deathstroke drawing - step 6
How to Draw Deathstroke: Step 6

6. Use a pair of long, curved lines to draw a bandolier running from one shoulder to the opposite torso. Connect the lines on each end, and band the shape with narrowly spaced lines.

Deathstroke drawing - step 7
How to Draw Deathstroke: Step 7

7. Draw Deathstroke’s muscular torso and abdomen. Use curved lines to outline the sides of the chest and torso. Draw curved lines just below the neck and across the chest, indicating pectoral muscles. Draw curved lines parallel to the sides of the torso and down the middle of the abdomen. Band between these lines.

Deathstroke drawing - step 8
How to Draw Deathstroke: Step 8

8. Draw the remaining arm - the irregularly shaped armor, the rectangular cuff of the sleeve, the muscular lower arm, and the top of the gauntlet. Then, detail the face. Draw curved lines down the side and center of it. Then, use curved lines to sketch the narrow, pointed eyes.

Deathstroke drawing - step 9
How to Draw Deathstroke: Step 9

9. Extend two narrowly spaced, parallel lines at a diagonal angle from the shoulder. Connect them at the end and band them with curved lines, forming a weapon. Then, extend long, curved lines from the back of the head.

Complete Deathstroke drawing
How to Draw Deathstroke: Step 10

Color Deathstroke. His suit is black and orange.

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The Complete Deathstroke Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to draw: Deathstroke - all drawing steps
How to Draw Deathstroke

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