How to Draw Garfield

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Garfield is a cat everyone knows. In this drawing tutorial, you'll learn how easy it is to draw Garfield.

Before we start, have a pencil, piece of paper, and eraser at hand. For the final touches, you may also want to use a softer pencil and some colored pencils or pens.

At the start, draw light lines only. Many of the early lines will be erased in the later drawing steps.

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We'll draw the head first. Remember to leave enough space for the rest of the lazy cat.

​In the step-by-step guide below, each step is highlighted in a light blue color.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Garfield

How to Draw Garfield: Step 1

First, draw an oval for the head.

How to Draw Garfield: Step 2

Below the oval, draw a large rectangle and two long, narrow rectangles. These will become Garfield's body and legs.

How to Draw Garfield: Step 3

At the bottom of the drawing, add two ovals for the feet.

How to Draw Garfield: Step 4

Now, we will add two shapes that don't look like much yet, but will be needed later. Add a small triangle on the left side. This will be an upper arm. Also, draw a triangle between the leg-rectangles. This shape will be the tail that's partially visible behind Garfield.


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How to Draw Garfield: Step 5

Next, let's do the basic shapes for the left arm, paw, and tip of the tail. Draw two rectangles and a circle for the arm and paw. Also, draw a smaller oval at the bottom for the tail.

How to Draw Garfield: Step 6

We'll want to add some smooth curves for the body - after all, Garfield is lazy and eats a lot. Draw curvy lines on both sides of the upper body, around the upper arm, and add curves for the elbow. At the top, draw two tilted ovals for the ears. Finally, draw a cross across the paw. The cross shape will help us to draw the toes.

How to Draw Garfield: Step 7

Erase the inner lines as they are not needed anymore. Keep the cross at the paw.

How to Draw Garfield: Step 8

Draw a set of small rectangles on the paw for the toes. Also, add a small triangle at the other heel.

How to Draw Garfield: Step 9

Next, we'll start adding some details. Draw two curving lines inside the ears. Make the tip of the "index finger" rounded. Add a cross across the face to help to place the facial features later.

How to Draw Garfield: Step 10

Draw two overlapping ovals for the big eyes, a small oval for the nose, and a wavy line for the mouth. Place them a little bit to the right side of the face as Garfield's head is turned a little.

How to Draw Garfield: Step 11

Erase the extra lines from the face and paw.

How to Draw Garfield: Step 12

For the eyes, draw horizontal lines for the lids and half circles for the pupils. For the mouth, draw curvy lines at the both sides and connect them with a long arc. Add some zigzag lines inside the ears for the fur.


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How to Draw Garfield: Step 13

Let's add some more furry textures. Draw sets of curvy lines around the body (don't forget the tail) and some more curvy lines beside the ears.

How to Draw Garfield: Step 14

Lastly, we'll complete the paws; add curvy lines for the toes and draw an irregular wavy line under the paws. For the raised paw/palm, add a curve below the thumb. Finally, add some dots at the sides of the mouth for the whiskers.

How to Draw Garfield: Step 15

Now, trace your Garfield drawing with darker lines and color it if you want. At the bottom of the paws, follow the curvy lines we drew in the last step. A Garfield drawing has a quite a few details but it's still easy to draw.

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