How to Draw Lavender

Learn how to draw a great looking Lavender with easy, step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.

By following the simple steps, you too can easily draw a perfect Lavender.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Lavender

How to Draw a Great Looking Lavender for Kids and Beginners - Step 1

How to Draw Lavender Step 01

1. Begin by drawing the first of the flower's blossoms. Use overlapping "U" shaped lines to form the petals of the bloom. Connect the lines at the bottom with a curved "V" shaped line. This also forms the top of the sepals, small leaves at the top of the stem. Extend lines downward from the tips of the "V," enclosing both the sepals and the stem. Then, draw a leaf along the stem, using curved lines that meet at sharp points on both ends. Then, continue the pair of lines making the stem below the leaf.

Easy Lavender Drawing - Step 2

How to Draw Lavender Step 02

2. Draw another leaf above the first, extending two curved lines from the stem to meet at a point. Draw a "V" shaped line above the blossom, with curved lines coming from its tips to the top of the first flower. Lavender plants have many blooms on the same stem. Above the "V," use "U" shaped lines to form the petals of the second flower. Then, begin drawing the "U" shaped petals of the next flower.

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Easy Lavender Drawing - Step 3

How to Draw Lavender Step 03

3. Continue drawing the "U" shaped petals of the third flower until it is complete. Above it, use curved lines to enclose a five-petaled blossom resembling a cherry blossom. Draw curved lines from the center to the points between the petals. Then, draw the overlapping "U" shaped petals of the fourth flower layer.

Easy Lavender Drawing - Step 4

How to Draw Lavender Step 04

4. Enclose a small heart-shaped sepal above the uppermost flower. Then, use a series of "U" shaped lines to enclose a rounded "W" shape. Draw another irregular heart shape atop this, forming the top of the lavender stem. Use narrowly spaced curved lines to draw a second stem alongside the first, and top it with a small heart shape.

Easy Lavender Drawing - Step 5

How to Draw Lavender Step 05

5. Extend curved lines that meet at a point from the second stem, forming a leaf. Above the stem, draw another five-petaled blossom with a starburst of curved lines at its center. Then, draw two layers of "U" shaped blossoms.

Easy Lavender Drawing - Step 6

How to Draw Lavender Step 06

6. Use curved lines to draw another leaf, pointed on both ends. Erase as necessary. Then, draw three more layers of "U" shaped lines atop the second stem.

Easy Lavender Drawing - Step 7

How to Draw Lavender Step 07

7. Begin drawing the third stem. Use a pair of curved lines for the stem, and pairs of lines that meet at points for the leaves. At the top of the stem, use pairs of curved lines to enclose the sepals, and begin drawing the inverted "U" shaped lines.

Add More Details to Your Lavender Picture - Step 8

How to Draw Lavender Step 08

8. Complete the "U" shaped petals, and draw a five-petaled blossom above it. Then, draw the second layer of "U" shaped petals.

Complete the Outline of Your Lavender Drawing - Step 9

How to Draw Lavender Step 09

9. Complete the third stem with several layers of "U" shaped petals.

Color Your Lavender Drawing

How to Draw Lavender Step 10

Color your cartoon lavender. This plant typically has silvery greyish-green leaves and purple flowers. It also comes in pink and white.

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Easy, step by step Lavender drawing tutorial
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Learn More About The Lavender Drawing

The lavender plant is native to the Mediterranean region. Because of its pleasant scent, lavender has been used in soaps and perfumes since ancient times.

In fact, its very name is derived from a word meaning "to wash." It is grown in gardens as an edible herb, a medicine, and for its scent.

Did you know? During the Middle Ages, perfume makers rarely caught the dreaded diseases of that time, such as the plague.

Why? Because they used lavender in their perfumes, and the oil of the plant has antibacterial components.

Lavender has been used to symbolize "purity, silence, devotion, serenity, grace, and calmness." This is no surprise, as its scent is used to combat insomnia!

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