60 Step by Step Plant Drawing Tutorials

Do you love flowers? Many people do. Green plants can make us feel calm, and brightly colored blossoms make us happy.

Plants and flowers are good gifts for many occasions. Bouquets of flowers represent romantic love on dates, at dances, on Valentine's Day, at weddings, and on anniversaries.

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People may give flowers to say "Congratulations!" when someone graduates, has a birthday, or accomplishes something.

They cheer people up when they are sick or when someone dies. Sometimes, flowers may be given to say "I'm sorry," or "I'm thinking about you."

You can send the gift of flowers, even if you only have a sheet of paper and a pencil. When you draw a bouquet of flowers, you can make it as fancy as you want!

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Did you know? Many flowers are also associated with symbolic meanings. They may relate to certain qualities or emotions. We'll talk about this flower symbolism or floriography below to help you decide which flowers to draw.

Do you fear that drawing realistic flowers is complicated? Don't worry! These flower drawing tutorials are great for beginners. Each one uses simple steps so you can follow along.

In each step, a few new lines or shapes are added. These are highlighted in blue.

Add the new blue lines to your drawing one by one, and soon you'll be growing your own paper garden!

60 Easy Plant Drawing Ideas

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