How to Draw the Kraken

How to Draw the Kraken Featured Image

The Kraken is a sea monster of ancient legend, part of the mythology of Europe's Scandinavian region. The Kraken was purported to be large enough to sink a ship at sea... Read more

How to Draw an Avocado

How to Draw an Avocado Featured Image

The avocado is a fruit that grows on trees native to Central and South America. Depending on the region, avocados are also called aguacate, ahuacatl, alligator pear, and avocado pear. Avocados can be as small as an egg or weigh 1 to 2 kilograms (2 to 4 pounds), depending on the variety. More than 1,000 varieties exist. Some avocados have purple skin, though most are green... Read more

How to Draw a TV

How to Draw a TV Featured Image

Television, or TV, tele, or telly for short, describes "the electronic delivery of moving images and sound from a source to a receiver." Early in the twentieth century, television was conceived as a medium for communication and education. By the middle of the century, it had forever changed popular culture, news, and entertainment... Read more

How to Draw a Snow Leopard

How to Draw a Snow Leopard Featured Image

The snow leopard or ounce is one of 37 species of cats found throughout the world. This long-haired big cat lives in the snowy mountains of Asia. It feels right at home at elevations up to 5,500 meters or 18,000 feet!... Read more

How to Draw Abs

How to Draw Abs Featured Image

The rectus abdominis muscle, commonly referred to as the abs, are often viewed as a gauge of physical fitness. If the abdominal muscles are visible on the outside of the body, it means that the muscles themselves are toned and that the body does not harbor an excess of fat... Read more

How to Draw a Biceps

How to Draw a Biceps Featured Image

Being able to draw the human form is an important skill for every artist. In so doing, the ability to draw muscles accurately must not be overlooked... Read more

How to Draw Muscles

How to Draw Muscles Featured Image

If you're aiming to become a good artist, an integral step is becoming skilled at drawing the human form. The placement of muscles, or musculature, is vital, whether you're drawing a comic book character or a realistic sketch... Read more

How to Draw a Wizard

How to Draw a Wizard Featured Image

A wizard is a fictional magician or practitioner of magic. Wizards are typically depicted as male, and may also be known as magi, mages, witches, enchanters, sorcerers, or spell casters. Female wizards can be called wizardesses, witches, enchantresses, or sorceresses... Read more

How to Draw a Cliff

How to Draw a Cliff Featured Image

A cliff is a very steep slope, often consisting of a vertical rock face. Cliffs can form as a result of earthquakes or erosion. Cliffs are most often found in mountainous areas, on the coast, or along rivers. Other terms for cliffs include precipice, escarpment, outcrop, and canyon... Read more

How to Draw a Microscope

How to Draw a Microscope Featured Image

A microscope is a scientific instrument "that produces enlarged images of small objects." The word "microscope" comes from ancient Greek words meaning "small" and "to see." Microscopes are used to investigate small objects that are too little to be seen with the naked eye... Read more

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