How to Draw a Pot of Gold

How to draw a pot of gold: Featured image

In Irish mythology, small creatures called leprechauns are said to hoard pots of gold. From where does the gold come? According to Irish poet William Butler Yeats… Read more

How to Draw a Camera

How to draw a camera: Featured image

The camera is a familiar piece of technology. Today, many people carry a camera with them everywhere as part of their cell phone, tablet… Read more

How to Draw Happy New Year 2018

How to Draw Happy New Year 2018 - featured image

​​​A New Year festival is any holiday or observance that marks or celebrates the beginning of a new year. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, “Such… Read more

How to Draw a Nutcracker

How to draw a nutcracker featured image

​​Nuts often have very hard shells that must be cracked open to get to the “goodies” or “nut fruit” inside. Before the invention of the nutcracker, this… Read more

How to Draw a Candy Cane

How to Draw a Candy Cane: Featured Image

​Candy canes – peppermint flavored red and white candy sticks – are common sights during the holiday season. How did this candy come… Read more


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