How to Draw a Football

How to Draw a Football: Featured Image

American football is one member of a family of sports that includes soccer, rugby, and Australian football. In each game, the teams try to get the ball through... Read more

How to Draw a Football Player

How to Draw a Football Player: Featured Image

Football players must wear special gear to protect themselves from injury. Most important is the helmet, which protects the head and brain. It has a hard outer... Read more

How to Draw a Teacher

How to Draw a Teacher: Featured Image

The teacher may represent the world's oldest profession. Parents and other adults often assume the role of teacher to small children, helping them attain the skills needed for... Read more

How to Draw an Alarm Clock

How to Draw an Alarm Clock: Featured Image

Today, wind-up alarm clocks and even digital alarm clocks have largely been replaced by smartphones and other devices. Yet, the spring-driven alarm clock with its iconic... Read more

How to Draw School Books

How to Draw School Books: Featured Image

Books are a common symbol of school days. This is due in large part to the invention of the printing press some 600 years ago. Before books could be printed en masse, they had to be... Read more

How to Draw a School

How to Draw a School: Featured Image

Today, the image of a schoolhouse is iconic of education itself. The concept of schools - formal groupings of students - existed as far back as... Read more

How to Draw a Backpack

How to Draw a Backpack: Featured Image

Is it back to school time where you live? Many children celebrate this time of year by "back to school shopping," receiving new clothing and... Read more

How to Draw a Cute Pencil

How to Draw a Cute Pencil: Featured Image

The pencil is a simple object with a very long history. The earliest pencils were used in ancient Rome, then known as styluses. The stylus was a... Read more

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