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Complete Dog Pixel Art drawing

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It has been said that the dog is man's best friend. This can even be the case inside a video game world! Bring your best friend to life when you learn how to draw a dog pixel art.

Does your favorite video game have a dog as a character or companion? Some video games such as Animal Crossing are full of dogs and other animals.

In other games, they may represent background companions, allies with special abilities, or even foes.

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Early video game dogs were not as cute and cuddly looking as the sleek animated canines we see today, like Dogmeat the German shepherd from the Fallout series. Instead, their forms were simple and pixelated - that is, blocks of color called pixels were used to form simple character designs.

The pets within the well-known Tamagotchi handheld games are an example of this. The wildly popular pixel art style captures the nostalgia of these early games.

Use grid paper or a clickable pixel art app to create this drawing. You can even make your own graph paper by employing a ruler to trace straight lines.

Speaking of lines, you will use two types to create this cartoon. First, you will outline the dog with thick lines by coloring in or shading squares. Later, you will add detail using thin lines to demarcate shifts in color.

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Easy, step by step Dog Pixel Art drawing tutorial
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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Dog Pixel Art

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Dog Pixel Art drawing - step 1

1. Shade the dog's face. Shade blocks of five squares for the eyes. Shade rows of four and two blocks to create the nose. Then, outline overlapping vertical and horizontal rectangles to make the mouth. Shade only the four outer shapes; leave the inner block of two squares unshaded.

Dog Pixel Art drawing - step 2

2. Outline the dog's face. Use single squares and columns of multiple squares to create the rounded shape.

Dog Pixel Art drawing - step 3

3. Outline the dog's ear and top of his head. For the ear, shade a single square, an "L" shaped series of squares, and rows of various lengths.

Dog Pixel Art drawing - step 4

4. Outline the remaining ear to form a mirror image of the first. Use sets of two squares, single squares, and an "L" shaped segment.

Dog Pixel Art drawing - step 5

5. Outline the puppy's leg. Use columns of two to four squares, a single square, and an "L" shaped segment.

Dog Pixel Art drawing - step 6

6. Outline the remaining leg. Start by shading a "V" shaped segment, followed by an "L" shaped segment, a single square, and a "T" shaped segment.

Dog Pixel Art drawing - step 7

7. Outline the dog's back and shoulders. Use vertical columns of different lengths, connected by the corners, as well as a row of three squares to form the bottom of the foot and a single square for the base of the tail.

Dog Pixel Art drawing - step 8

8. Continue drawing the tail, using columns, "L" shaped segments, and a large square. Leave one square unshaded where these shapes seem to overlap.

Shift now from shading thick lines to detailing the animal's face with narrow lines. Instead of shading, simply trace along the edges of the grid squares. Outline a square at the corner of each eye an inverted "T" shape above the nose.

Dog Pixel Art drawing - step 9

9. Detail the dog with spots and other markings. Outline "round" shapes around the mouth, on the chest, at the feet, and at the tip of the tail. These lines indicate changes in color.

Complete Dog Pixel Art drawing

Color your pixel art cartoon dog. The pup in our illustration is brown with white spots. What color will yours be?

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