How to Draw a Police Car

Easy, step by step Police Car drawing tutorial
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Police are "officers representing the civil authority of government." They typically 'maintain public order and safety, enforce the law, and prevent, detect, and investigate criminal activities.'

In order to do their jobs, many officers use a police car to get around. These special vehicles may also be called police cruisers, police interceptors, patrol cars, prowlers, or squad cars. Some officers, on the other hand, use motorcycles, scooters, Segways, helicopters, or even horses for transportation.

Did you know? "The first police car was a wagon run by electricity fielded on the streets of Akron, Ohio, in 1899." It could travel at 16 miles per hour (26 kilometers per hour) and go 30 miles (48 kilometers) on a single battery charge. Police cars became more common during the 1930s and 1940s.

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Police cars such as the one in our drawing guide are often used comically in animated films and television series, rushing in with sirens blaring. Police cars may be used to represent either justice or injustice. Police cars were common symbols of television shows such as Cops, Columbo, NYPD Blue, Walker Texas Ranger and Law and Order. Recently, police cars have also been associated with the response to protests on social issues.

Would you like to draw a cartoon police car? This easy, step-by-step cartoon car drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pen, pencil, marker, or crayon and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Police Car

Police Car drawing - step 1
How to Draw Police Car: Step 1

1. Begin by outlining the shape of the police car. Use a long curved line for the top of the car, and overlapping curved lines for the trunk and rear bumper. Use another curved line to sketch the front of the car. Use inverted "U" shaped lines to indicate the wheel wells, and connect them with a straight line.

Police Car drawing - step 2
How to Draw Police Car: Step 2

2. Contour and detail the front of the car. Use two curved lines to outline the roof. use an "L" shaped line to enclose the windshield, and another curved line to outline the hood.

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Police Car drawing - step 3
How to Draw Police Car: Step 3

3. Use a straight line between the windshield and bottom of the car to outline the front of the door, and a curved line to outline the back.

Police Car drawing - step 4
How to Draw Police Car: Step 4

4. Use three straight lines and a curved line to outline the side windows. Draw a straight line down the center.

Police Car drawing - step 5
How to Draw Police Car: Step 5

5. Detail the police car. Use curved lines and rectangular shapes to sketch the grille and headlight of the car. Draw a curved line between the doored. Enclose a sideways teardrop shape on each door to form the door handles. Use a curved line to outline the taillight.

Police Car drawing - step 6
How to Draw Police Car: Step 6

6. For each wheel, draw an oval within an oval. Then, draw a curved line from the bottom of the tire to the bottom of the wheel well.

Police Car drawing - step 7
How to Draw Police Car: Step 7

7. Use curved lines to outline the wheels on the opposite side of the car. Enclose two irregular rounded shapes at the bottom of the window to form the mirror.

Police Car drawing - step 8
How to Draw Police Car: Step 8

8. Contour the hood with curved lines. Draw an elongated oval on top of the car. Draw a curved line across the bottom of it, and two curved lines across the middle. This is the light bar.

Police Car drawing - step 9
How to Draw Police Car: Step 9

9. Draw a five-pointed star on one door and write the word "POLICE" on the other.

Complete Police Car drawing
How to Draw Police Car: Step 10

Color your cartoon police car. In most jurisdictions, police cars are black and white in color. Their lights are blue and red.

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The Complete Police Car Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to draw: Police Car - all drawing steps
How to Draw Police Car

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