How to Draw a Teddy Bear

Drawing a teddy bear is very easy. It’s made out of simple oval shapes. By following the step-by-step instructions below, you will have your teddy bear drawing done in just minutes.

Draw lightly first. The early shapes will be erased before your drawing is complete.

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‚ÄčIn the drawing tutorial below, each step is highlighted in a light blue color.

You don’t need any special pens or tools. A regular pencil, eraser, and paper are all you need. If you want, you can also color the drawing with colored pencils or pens.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Teddy Bear

How to Draw Teddy Bear: Step 1

Start with two overlapping ovals. The one above is bigger. These two shapes will become the teddy bear’s face.

How to Draw Teddy Bear: Step 2

Add two smaller ovals for the ears.

How to Draw Teddy Bear: Step 3

Draw a large oval for the body.

How to Draw Teddy Bear: Step 4

On both sides of the body, add two long ovals for the arms.

How to Draw Teddy Bear: Step 5

At the bottom of the body, draw two ovals for the legs.

How to Draw Teddy Bear: Step 6

Erase all the extra lines.

How to Draw Teddy Bear: Step 7

Draw two circles for the eyes. Inside the eyes, draw two dark ovals with a white dot inside.

How to Draw Teddy Bear: Step 8

Add some details; the insides of the ears, forehead, muzzle, and tips of the arms and legs are going have a different color.

How to Draw Teddy Bear: Step 9

Add some color and your teddy bear drawing is ready.

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