How to Draw a Turkey

In today’s guide, we will be learning how to draw a fluffy turkey. This tutorial is made easy and in only 20 simple steps, you will have a beautiful turkey sitting on the paper right in front of you.

​Turkeys are very simple animals to draw. With their roundness and fluffy exterior, only very simple shapes and forms are needed to draw one of these beautiful creatures.

​When we begin, you’re going to want to sketch very lightly and softly. This will help you lay down the basic forms of the turkey. It will also allow you to easily erase away any unwanted stray lines.

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​Before we get started, make sure to visualize the finished product on your paper. This will help you better utilize your space, and make room for any mistakes.

​In the guide below, each step is highlighted in a light blue color.

You will need a pencil, pen, color pencil or whatever your chosen medium for coloring may be. Now finally, let’s get started!

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Turkey

How to Draw Turkey: Step 1

Start by drawing a circle, this will be the base shape of the body.

How to Draw Turkey: Step 2

Draw an oval emerging from the left side of your circle, this will be the upper portion of the torso.

How to Draw Turkey: Step 3

Place a teardrop shape on the top of your oval. Make sure to add a curve to the bottom, this will create the illusion it is emerging from the oval.

How to Draw Turkey: Step 4

Put an oval over the top of your tear drop shape, this will be the left eye of your turkey.

How to Draw Turkey: Step 5

Place another oval on your teardrop shape, this one overlapping the left eye. This will give a feeling of depth to the eyes.

How to Draw Turkey: Step 6

Draw in another teardrop shape over the top of both of your eyes, this will be your turkeys beak.

How to Draw Turkey: Step 7

Once again, you will add another teardrop shape on the beak. Make this shape slightly more curvy, this will add some weight to the snood of your turkey.

How to Draw Turkey: Step 8

Draw a bullet shape near the center of your turkeys body.

How to Draw Turkey: Step 9

Create some ridges on the edge of your shape, this will help create a more natural looking wing. Remember to erase excessive stray lines.

How to Draw Turkey: Step 10

Draw in three blade shapes just within the shape of the wing. Make sure to make each shape bigger than the other.

How to Draw Turkey: Step 11

Place another bullet shape from the top of your owls body, to the back. Make sure to follow the curve of the body as you do so.

How to Draw Turkey: Step 12

Add ridges to the shape to give it a more natural look.

How to Draw Turkey: Step 13

Add more blade shapes just within your bullet shape. Each shape should vary in size, this will give the illusion that the feathers are overlapping.

How to Draw Turkey: Step 14

Go back, and draw some ridges around the neck of your turkey. As you do so, follow the shape of the upper body.

How to Draw Turkey: Step 15

Draw in two half circles on the bottom of your turkey, this is where you will put the legs.

How to Draw Turkey: Step 16

This is perhaps the most difficult part of the drawing. Draw in the talons of your turkey, draw two, upside down Y shapes emerging from each of the half circles. Make sure to also put in a half circle just behind the left side of the Y shape, this will give the talons some depth.

How to Draw Turkey: Step 17

Draw your pupils over each of your eyes. Each pupil should be an oval shape with a notch in it. This will give the illusion of a glare.

How to Draw Turkey: Step 18

Place your eyebrows just above both eyes. You can vary the shape depending on the emotion you wish to convey.

How to Draw Turkey: Step 19

Add detail.

How to Draw Turkey: Step 20

Now add some color to your turkey and bring it to life!

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