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"Black, blacker, blackest, and cold between frozen things. Where is between when there is naught to life but fragile dragon wings?"
-Anne McCaffrey, Dragonflight

Would you like to learn how to draw dragon wings? Perhaps you dream of taking flight astride a trusty beast that you have trained. Or, maybe you'd like to sprout some wings of your own!

You can use this cartoon dragon wings drawing tutorial to create your own character. Dragon wings are based on those of a real animal, the bat.

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A bat's wing is an adapted arm and hand, with a thumb on top, fingers supporting the wing, and a thin membrane of skin between the fingers.

Drawing Idea: Draw these dragon wings on a large piece of cardboard or poster board. Color them, cut them out, and tie them on for an easy dragon costume!

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Easy, step by step Dragon Wings drawing tutorial
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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Dragon Wings

Dragon Wings drawing - step 1
How to Draw Dragon Wings Step 01

1. Begin by drawing the base of the wings. Use a curved "L" shaped line for each. Draw the protruding shoulder blades using short curved lines.

Dragon Wings drawing - step 2
How to Draw Dragon Wings Step 02

2. Contour the edge of each wing using a series of overlapping curved lines. Notice that the final line is much shorter than the others.

Dragon Wings drawing - step 3
How to Draw Dragon Wings Step 03

3. Draw the claw. Use curved lines to draw a hooked triangular shape. Then, use a short curved line to complete the digit to which it is attached.

Dragon Wings drawing - step 4
How to Draw Dragon Wings Step 04

4. Continue to draw the leading edges of the wings using long curved lines. Draw another claw at the tip of each. Again, use curved lines to enclose a narrow, hooked triangular shape.

Dragon Wings drawing - step 5
How to Draw Dragon Wings Step 05

5. Outline the metacarpals, or finger-like bones that support the wing sail. Draw a long curved line parallel to the wing's leading edge, allowing it to connect to the claw at the end. Extend another curved line from its base to form a "V" shape.

Dragon Wings drawing - step 6
How to Draw Dragon Wings Step 06

6. Draw a claw at the tip of the second metacarpal. Again, use curved lines to enclose a narrow, hooked triangle shape. Then, draw a second curved line parallel to the previous to complete the second metacarpal. From its base, extend another curved line to make a "V" shape. This outlines one side of the third metacarpal.

Dragon Wings drawing - step 7
How to Draw Dragon Wings Step 07

7. Draw a hooked claw at the tip of the third metacarpal. Then, complete this digit by drawing a long curved line from the claw to the thumb. Draw curved lines below the shoulders to begin sketching the wing's sail or membrane.

Dragon Wings drawing - step 8
How to Draw Dragon Wings Step 08

8. Draw curved lines between the tips of the metacarpals and the curved lines drawn in the previous to enclose the wing sails.

Dragon Wings drawing - step 9
How to Draw Dragon Wings Step 09

9. Draw curved lines from the shoulders to the thumb. Then, detail the wing sails with curved lines parallel to the edges.

Complete Dragon Wings drawing
How to Draw Dragon Wings Step 10

Color your cartoon dragon wings. We've shaded ours green, a common color for these reptilian creatures. In the fictional world of Pern, a green coloration indicated a small female dragon.

Did you know? Not all dragons have wings. The serpent-like dragons traditional to Japan and China are wingless. But you can customize your own mythical creature by adding these cartoon dragon wings to any of our fun drawing guides!

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