13 Easy Wild Cats Drawing Tutorials

Did you know? There are 38 different species of wildcats. Some are as small as a housecat while others are very large. You can discover many of them among these wild cat drawing tutorials.

Lions and tigers are some of the most well-known big cats. You can draw them in different poses and stages of life. You can even draw an entire pride of lions!

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But lions and tigers aren't the only interesting wildcats. There are many different types of spotted cats, including cheetahs, leopards, and jaguars. Each has distinct features. You can learn to tell them apart as you draw each one.

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Drawing wildcats is not as hard as you might think. All cats have the same basic body design. Cats have long legs, bodies, and tails.

They walk on their toes - the bottom portion of the leg is actually the foot. All this makes them very agile.

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Some of the drawings focus on the cat's face. Cats have large eyes that help them see at night, and sharp teeth and claws for hunting. Their coat patterns often help them blend in with leaves or grass.

You will have a roaring good time drawing these big cats. They might just leave you purring with joy.

13 Easy Wild Cats Drawing Ideas

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