18 Christian Drawing Tutorials for Kids

You can use your art skills to express your faith and share it with others. Do any of these Christian drawing tutorials for kids align with your religious beliefs?

Throughout history, men have expressed their faith by building great structures. In Europe, there are intricate churches like the Sagrada Familia Church in Spain or the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.

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These buildings often contained paintings of religious icons. You will find many common elements on this list - crosses, angels, hands folded in prayer, and interpretations of both Jesus and his mother, Mary.

Burial traditions are also tied to religious belief. That's why you will find a graveyard and a tombstone on this list.

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These sketches constitute diverse art styles and skill levels. For example, Mary's drawing is cartoonish, while the other human and spirit sketches are more realistic.

The simple church employs the barest of lines, most of them straight, while the great cathedrals and basilicas are much more intricate. Take your time, and have fun. There's something for everyone.

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These religious drawing guides can be used for art classes at religious schools or Sunday school classes. They are also a great way for kids from other religious backgrounds to learn about the beliefs of their Christian neighbors.

18 Easy Christian Drawing Ideas

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