How to Draw a Dandelion

How to Draw a Dandelion: Featured Image

Dandelions are perennial flowers - flowers that return year after year - but are often considered weeds. The fluffy, floating seeds and rapid growth... Read more

How to Draw a Pot of Gold

How to draw a pot of gold: Featured image

In Irish mythology, small creatures called leprechauns are said to hoard pots of gold. From where does the gold come? According to Irish poet William Butler Yeats... Read more

How to Draw a Leprechaun

How to draw a leprechaun featured image

Leprechauns are a legendary figure of Irish folklore, and they have been adopted as a symbol of St. Patrick's Day. By definition, they are fairies in the form... Read more

How to Draw a Shamrock

How to draw a shamrock - featured image

The shamrock, also known as clover, is the national flower of Ireland. In fact, in Irish the word "shamrock" means "little clover" or "young clover." Read more

How to Draw Cherry Blossoms

How to draw Cherry Blossoms - Featured Image

In Japanese, the word for "cherry blossom" is sakura. The sakura is an integral part of Japanese culture. It appears in ancient and modern artwork... Read more

How to Draw a Rainbow

How to draw a rainbow - featured image

Rainbows are a meteorological, or weather, phenomenon. When white light from the sun is bent, or refracted, by droplets of water, a rainbow... Read more

How to Draw a Tulip

How to Draw a Tulip - Featured

Tulips are a lily-like flower native to Europe and northern Africa. They began to be cultivated as a garden plant as early as the 10th... Read more

How to Draw the Sun

How to draw a sun: Featured image

The sun is the star at the center of our solar system. This star is 93 thousand miles from the earth, yet it takes only 8 minutes and 19 seconds for... Read more

How to Draw a Frog

How to draw a frog: Featured image

Frogs and toads hold a sometimes confusing place in the animal kingdom. Some people think they are reptiles, like snakes, lizards, and... Read more

How to Draw a Bunny

How to Draw a Bunny Rabbit: Featured image

Bunnies have long been a staple of the animation industry. Perhaps the most famous is Bugs Bunny, who debuted in Tex Avery's Merrie Melodies short... Read more