11 Gems and Jewels Drawing Tutorials for Kids

Have you ever wanted to search for buried treasure? You don't need a pirate's map where the X marks the spot. All you need are these gems and jewels drawing tutorials for kids.

You can create a treasure beyond your wildest dreams with the help of these drawing guides. There are raw crystals in their natural state as well as precious gemstones cut to make beautiful jewelry.

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There is gold in the form of gold bars and made into chains, as well as fantastic jewelry - crowns, necklaces, and rings made by combining both precious metals and stones. You will even find a treasure chest to keep them all in.

Let your imagination run wild as these drawings take you on your greatest adventure ever. You could be a prince or a princess reveling in the crown jewels.

You could be a pirate carrying loot and booty across the high seas. Or you could be an explorer like Indiana Jones who finds a secret room filled with ancient treasures.

All you will need is a pencil and a sheet of paper. Follow the steps, and you will see how easy drawing gems and jewels can be.

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You may also wish to color your pictures - gold, silver, red rubies, green emeralds, and blue sapphires. Look for metallic crayons or colored pencils, or add a bit of glitter to really make your drawings shine.

11 Easy Gems and Jewels Drawing Ideas

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