How to Draw a Cute Christmas Cat

Learn how to draw a great looking Cute Christmas Cat with easy, step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.

By following the simple steps, you too can easily draw a perfect Cute Christmas Cat.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Cute Christmas Cat

How to Draw a Great Looking Cute Christmas Cat for Kids and Beginners - Step 1

1. Begin the cute Christmas cat outline by drawing the cat’s eyes. Use curved lines to sketch the half-circle shapes, noting the short line that extends beyond the corner of each eye. Enclose three small circles within each eye and shade between them, forming the pupil.

Easy Cute Christmas Cat Drawing - Step 2

2. Begin outlining the cat’s head. Use overlapping curved lines to form the top of the head, the triangular ear, and the side of the face. Then, continue to add detail to the face. Draw the mushroom-shaped nose, and use curved lines to contour above the nose and to draw the mouth and chin.

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Easy Cute Christmas Cat Drawing - Step 3

3. Detail inside the ear using a zigzag line. Then, continue to the top of the head with a slanting line. Allow another line to meet it at a point. This outlines the bottom of the cat’s hat. Detail around the eyes with short lines, and draw dots on each side of the nose to indicate the whiskers.

Easy Cute Christmas Cat Drawing - Step 4

4. Draw the Santa hat. Use curved lines to outline the brim of the hat, its bent triangular top, and the circle that represents the pompom at the end.

Easy Cute Christmas Cat Drawing - Step 5

5. Draw a bow tie around the cat’s neck. Use a circle for the center, then enclose rounded triangles on each side. Extend two sets of lines below the bow, and connect each set with a “V” shaped line. Contour the material of the bow with curved lines. Then, extend a line from the head to form the cat’s back.

Easy Cute Christmas Cat Drawing - Step 6

6. Draw the cat’s leg and paw. Use overlapping curved lines to draw the leg - noting the bend of the elbow, the paw, its toes, and the side of the chest.

Easy Cute Christmas Cat Drawing - Step 7

7. Draw the remaining foreleg. Again, using overlapping curved lines to sketch the leg, paw, and toes.

Add More Details to Your Cute Christmas Cat Picture - Step 8

8. Use a curved line to draw the rear leg, with overlapping curved lines forming the paw and toes. Texture the fur with additional curved lines. Then, draw a partial circle beneath one front paw. This will become a Christmas tree ornament.

Complete the Outline of Your Cute Christmas Cat Drawing - Step 9

9. Complete your cute Christmas cat outline by enclosing a second circle. Use a short line to form the hanger on the first ornament. Finally, extend two curved lines from the cat’s back and allow them to meet at a point, forming the tail.

Color Your Cute Christmas Cat Drawing

Color your cartoon of a cute Christmas cat. We’ve shaded ours gray and white, with a red and white Santa hat and red and green Christmas ornaments.

Easy, step by step Cute Christmas Cat drawing tutorial

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Learn More About The Cute Christmas Cat Drawing

Is a kitten on your Christmas list? Would you like to learn how to draw a cute Christmas cat? This easy feline drawing guide can show you how.

At Christmas time, you may watch Christmas movies featuring cats, or funny Christmas cat videos on YouTube.

But did you know that cats have been associated with the Christmas season since at least the Middle Ages?

The story begins even farther back in history, with ancient goddesses such as Bastet in Egypt, Artemis in Greece, and Diana in Rome.

These goddesses shared many traits, including an association with cats.

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Later, the traits of these goddesses were also applied to the Virgin Mary legend said that a cat kept baby Jesus warm while he was laid in a manger.

In gratitude, Mary marked the cat with the letter "M," giving the tabby cat its stripes.

Create a winter scene by combining this well-dressed kitty with the hat and scarf-wearing cat in clothes

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