How to Draw a Fat Cat

Easy, step by step Fat Cat drawing tutorial
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The common house cat is the smallest member of quite a large family. There are about 60 breeds of domestic cat, and it the smallest of 39 cat species that include giants such as the lion and tiger.

Cats have been a part of human life since around 3100 B.C., evidence of which can be found in ancient Egypt. There, cats were regarded as deities.

Their association with humans likely arose from their attraction to mice that invaded human settlements. It is thought that cats may have been domesticated in Africa, the Middle East, and China at an even earlier date.

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Today, the cat is one of the most popular pets in the world, second only to the dog. It is often used as a symbol of grace, independence, and attitude. Black cats may represent superstition and witches. Learn about various types of black cats.

It is also lauded for its cuteness, as evidenced by motivational items featuring kittens clinging to objects by their claws and the popularity of internet cat videos.

Would you like to draw an adorable fat cat? This easy, step-by-animal drawing guide is here to show you how. All you will need is a pen, pencil, marker, or crayon and a sheet of paper.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Fat Cat

Fat Cat drawing - step 1
How to Draw Fat Cat: Step 1

1. Use two curved lines to sketch the open-bottomed triangular shape of the ear. Detail the inner ear with short lines. Then, use long and short curved lines to sketch the side of the face. Notice how the short lines meet at jagged points to give the cheek a furry appearance.

Fat Cat drawing - step 2
How to Draw Fat Cat: Step 2

2. Continue to sketch the other side of the face. Use a slightly curved line to draw the top of the head. Then, use curved lines to outline the triangular shape of the ear. Detail the side of the ear with short, curved lines. Then, draw the side of the face using a long, curved line, followed by overlapping short lines to give the face a furry appearance.

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Fat Cat drawing - step 3
How to Draw Fat Cat: Step 3

3. Draw a double teardrop shape for each eye. Then, draw three successively smaller circles within each. Shade between the two smallest to indicate the pupil. Use short lines to add texture around the eyes and within the ear.

Fat Cat drawing - step 4
How to Draw Fat Cat: Step 4

4. Draw a curved, inverted triangle for the nose. Beneath it, draw a rounded "W" and "U" shaped line to indicate the mouth and chin. Draw dots within the lobes of the "W," and then extend straight lines to indicate whiskers. Use several series of connected, curved lines to add a furry texture to the face.

Fat Cat drawing - step 5
How to Draw Fat Cat: Step 5

5. Use a series of curved lines to draw the shoulder, belly, and furry chest. Then, use overlapping "U" shaped lines to enclose the paws emerging from beneath the belly.

Fat Cat drawing - step 6
How to Draw Fat Cat: Step 6

6. Use long and short overlapping curved lines to draw the cat's back.

Fat Cat drawing - step 7
How to Draw Fat Cat: Step 7

7. Use a series of curved lines to continue the line of the back. Curl it back nearly upon itself to form the haunches. Then, use curved lines and ovals to enclose the foot beneath the leg.

Fat Cat drawing - step 8
How to Draw Fat Cat: Step 8

8. Using curved lines, draw the belly and the teardrop-shaped front leg.

Fat Cat drawing - step 9
How to Draw Fat Cat: Step 9

9. Extend a long, curved line from the rump, and double it back upon itself to enclose the fluffy tail. Use curved lines to give it a furry texture.

Complete Fat Cat drawing
How to Draw Fat Cat: Step 10

Color your fat cat. Cats come in a wide range of colors - white, cream, black, grey, orange, yellow, and brown - and patterns such as spots and stripes.

You can find more feline friends among our animal drawing guides, including famous faces such as Pusheen and Garfield.

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The Complete Fat Cat Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to draw: Fat Cat - all drawing steps
How to Draw Fat Cat

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