How to Draw an Earthquake

Easy, step by step Earthquake drawing tutorial
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“Brave as you may be, wise even as you may be, you tremble when the earth trembles." - Paul Gauguin

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines an earthquake as a "sudden shaking of the ground caused by...seismic waves...produced when some form of energy stored in the Earth's crust is suddenly released." You can learn how to draw an earthquake today.

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Drawing Idea: Use this easy drawing tutorial to create a poster on what to do in the event of an earthquake. If an earthquake happens where you live, you should:

  • Drop to the ground.
  • Seek shelter under a sturdy piece of furniture.
  • Cover your head and neck with your arms.
  • Avoid doorways, and don't run outside.
  • If already outside, stay away from buildings and tall objects.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing an Earthquake

Earthquake drawing - step 1
How to Draw an Earthquake Step 01

1. Begin by drawing the foundation of the house. Start with the stairs. Use "L" shaped lines to draw the sides of the stairs, and connect them with straight lines. Outline the edges of the steps with lines that don't quite connect on the ends. Then, use long "L" shaped lines to sketch the top and bottom of the house's foundation. Connect the lines at the corners. Finally, draw a "Y" shaped line to begin sketching the damaged wall of the house.

Earthquake drawing - step 2
How to Draw an Earthquake Step 02

2. Draw the remaining corners of the walls using curved lines and "Y" shaped lines. Then, draw the roof of the house. Draw a partial rectangle to form the roof on the near size. Then, place an overlapping straight line to form the top edge of the house, with a long and short straight line forming the remaining section of the roof.

Earthquake drawing - step 3
How to Draw an Earthquake Step 03

3. Draw a satellite dish on the roof, using an oval for the dish and an irregular shape for the base. Detail the dish with a shaded circle, a short line, and a curved line. Then, complete the roof with a straight line partially hidden by the dish. Texture the roof with "U" shaped lines, and use straight lines to enclose the chimney.

Earthquake drawing - step 4
How to Draw an Earthquake Step 04

4. Draw the windows and door. On the front of the house, enclose two rectangles and a semi-circle. Draw a trapezoid within the rectangle of the doorway to indicate the open door. Use a small oval for the doorknob. For the rectangular window, use straight lines to draw "T" shaped window panes. On the side of the house, use wide "V" shaped lines and straight lines to enclose a bent window. Draw "T" shaped panes within it.

Earthquake drawing - step 5
How to Draw an Earthquake Step 05

5. Draw several series of curved and straight lines across the surface of the house and its windows to indicate cracks and damage. Draw several irregular shapes alongside the house, to indicate debris that has fallen from it.

Earthquake drawing - step 6
How to Draw an Earthquake Step 06

6. Draw more irregularly shaped debris. Then, draw a crack in the earth. Use wavy curved lines to create a branching zigzag pattern.

Earthquake drawing - step 7
How to Draw an Earthquake Step 07

7. Draw another irregular zigzag shape - another crack in the ground. Draw curved lines of different lengths within the cracks, to texture the sides of the cleft. Then, draw a long horizon line behind the house.

Earthquake drawing - step 8
How to Draw an Earthquake Step 08

8. Next, draw a city in the distance. Enclose a tall, bent rectangle shape, a smaller rectangular building, and a square house with a trapezoid roof. Then, draw rectangle-shaped windows on each of the buildings.

Earthquake drawing - step 9
How to Draw an Earthquake Step 09

9. Draw layers of straight or "V" shaped lines alongside the structures to indicate movement. Then, use short, straight lines that meet at jagged points to enclose a comic book style speech bubble. Inside it, write the word "EARTHQUAKE."

Complete Earthquake drawing
How to Draw an Earthquake Step 10

Color your Earthquake cartoon scene.

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The Complete Earthquake Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to draw: Earthquake - all drawing steps
How to Draw an Earthquake Step by Step Tutorial Image

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