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How to Draw the Flash

Easy, step by step The Flash drawing tutorial
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You can create your own superhero comics when you learn how to draw the Flash with the help of this cartoon drawing tutorial!

Who is the Flash? He's a blur of red racing through the city. He moves at super speeds to save the day just in the nick of time. He taps into a power known as "the speed force" to gain his amazing abilities.

The Flash was first seen in Flash Comics #1 in 1939. Over the years, at least four different heroes have gone by the name "the Flash." The most well-known is Barry Allen, a forensic scientist whose mother was murdered by a speedster.

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Later, Barry's nephew Wally West and his grandson Bart Allen also donned the costume. The original Flash was college athlete Jay Garrick.

The Flash is a member of the Justice League, a team of crime-fighting superheroes that includes Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

You don't have to be speedy to learn how to draw the Flash. But practice will certainly hone your drawing skills!

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing The Flash

The Flash drawing - step 1
How to Draw the Flash Step 01

1. Begin by drawing the Flash's eyes. Use two curved lines to outline each almond-shaped eye. Then, shade a circle inside it to indicate the pupil. Draw short curved lines above and between the eyes to detail the eyelids and the bridge of the nose.

The Flash drawing - step 2
How to Draw the Flash Step 02

2. Use curved lines to outline the nose, nostril, mouth, corners of the mouth, and the dimple of the chin.

The Flash drawing - step 3
How to Draw the Flash Step 03

3. Use a long curved line to outline the head and face. Notice the contours of the chin and cheeks, and how the line does not completely converge. Use curved lines to form a loose diamond shape around each eye.

The Flash drawing - step 4
How to Draw the Flash Step 04

4. Use a series of straight and curved lines to draw the opening of the mask around the mouth. Then, use curved lines to craft the lightning bolt design over the ear. At the base of the lightning bolt, enclose a half-circle.

The Flash drawing - step 5
How to Draw the Flash Step 05

5. Use curved lines to enclose the half-circle and the partially visible lightning bolt over the opposite ear. Contour the first half circle with a curved line. Extend a pair of lines below the head to form the neck, then contour the muscles of the neck with two more curved lines.

The Flash drawing - step 6
How to Draw the Flash Step 06

6. Begin sketching the Flash's muscular shoulders. Use curved lines. Note the contours of the collarbone and top of the arm.

The Flash drawing - step 7
How to Draw the Flash Step 07

7. Continue to use curved lines to sketch the arm, the pectoral muscles, and the biceps.

The Flash drawing - step 8
How to Draw the Flash Step 08

8. Complete the biceps muscle of the arm using curved lines. Then, complete the outline of the torso. Use curved lines to contour the rib and the top of the abdominal muscles.

The Flash drawing - step 9
How to Draw the Flash Step 09

9. Draw the Flash logo on the superhero's chest. First, use a series of lines to enclose the zig-zag shape of a lightning bolt. Then, draw a circle around it.

Complete The Flash drawing
How to Draw the Flash Step 10

Color your cartoon of the Flash. He typically wears a red suit with yellow lightning bolts.

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The Complete The Flash Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to draw: The Flash - all drawing steps
How to Draw the Flash Step by Step Tutorial Image

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