How to Draw a Spoon and Fork

How to Draw a Spoon and Fork Featured Image

Spoons are utensils for cooking, eating, and serving food that consist of a small bowl and a handle. Its companion the fork is made up of at least two prongs and a handle. Together, forks and spoons are known as flatware... Read more

How to Draw Happy Birthday in Bubble Letters

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A birthday marks the anniversary of one's birth. In many cultures, birthdays are marked and celebrated with parties, gifts, or special foods. Certain birthdays are considered rites of passage. For example, a girl's fifteenth birthday may be her quinceaƱera, or a girl's sixteenth birthday her "sweet sixteen." Jewish girls celebrate a bat mitzvah on their twelfth birthday, and boys a bar mitzvah on their thirteenth... Read more

How to Draw a Goose

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The goose is a water bird, larger in size than the duck. People domesticated the goose thousands of years ago. It has been kept as a food source and for its warm feathers, which are used in pillows, quilts, and coats... Read more

How to Draw a Dead Tree

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Trees are a vital part of the environment the world over. Trees produce oxygen, rid the air of carbon, offer shade, and produce food. Their wood allows humans to build structures and warm themselves over a fire. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, "To many, the word tree evokes images of such ancient... Read more

How to Draw Scissors

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Scissors or shears are used for cutting hair, thread, fabric, paper, or even food items. Specialized shears may be used for cutting metal, pruning plants, or in surgery. This type of cutlery was first invented thousands of years ago during the Bronze Age, but scissors were not readily available to everyone until the 1700s... Read more

How to Draw Bread

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Bread is a dietary staple throughout much of the world and has been throughout history. This food can be made from the flour of grains such as wheat, corn, spelt, rice, millet, rye, or barley, or from nuts including almonds and coconut... Read more

How to Draw Vines

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Many plants have a vining habit, producing long, twining stems that rely on outside structures to support them. Grapes are among the most recognizable. Around the world, grapevines are cultivated on farms called vineyards, often to produce wine. Beans, peas, potatoes, squash, cucumbers, melons, and other food plants... Read more

How to Draw a Mason Jar

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Before the advent of refrigeration and electricity, preserving food for later use was a major concern. Some foods could be kept in root cellars, others fermented, others dried. Then, in the year 1800, a French inventor developed a means of sealing food in airtight containers. Canning was born... Read more