10 Easy Rainbow Step by Step Drawing Tutorials

Rainbows are amazing and beautiful. They appear in the sky to brighten a rainy day. You can learn how to draw lots of different rainbows and rainbow-hued objects as you practice these easy, step-by-step rainbow drawing tutorials.

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Rainbows are "U" shaped and they always have the same colors - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple - because of the science that makes them possible.

Rainbows are the result of raindrops acting like prisms and bending sunlight - thus the shape. Prisms also split white light into its different parts, giving us beautiful colors.

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Did you know? Rainbows have long had a lot of cultural significance. In the Bible book of Genesis, a rainbow appeared after a great flood as a promise that the whole world would never be flooded all at once again.

In Ireland, there is a myth that a pot of gold hides at the end of the rainbow - in real life, you will never find the rainbow's end, because you have to be at the correct angle to even see the bent light. Other myths include bridges built out of rainbows.

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In modern folklore, the Land of Oz was located "somewhere over the rainbow." Various groups and alliances have adopted it as a symbol. At times, it has also been symbolic of peace.

10 Easy Rainbow Drawing Ideas

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