12 Easy Wolf Drawing Ideas

Mysterious and majestic wolves have long captured human imaginations. From natural beauty to the supernatural, you can assemble your pack from these 12 easy wolf drawing ideas.

Why do wolves captivate us so? Perhaps it is because they are so similar to - and yet strikingly different from - the domestic canines with whom we share our homes. Or perhaps it is the communication and community that helps them thrive.

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Most wolf packs consist of less than ten individuals - you will find enough inspiration below to sketch an entire pack, including the pups! Realistic wolf drawings include howling wolves, snarling wolves, and baby wolves. You can also learn to draw the wolf's smaller cousin, the coyote.

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Wherever they range, wolves have been a part of the folklore and religions of indigenous peoples, as represented by the tribal wolf design.

They are also a major part of popular culture, from frightful tales of humans who turn into werewolves at night, to the Okami variety of Kemonomimi in anime - people who have wolf-like traits, usually tails and ears.

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Speaking of anime, this list includes three manga-inspired tutorials - an anime-style wolf, an Okami wolf girl, and a chibi wolf with a large head and eyes.

12 Easy Wolf Drawing Ideas

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