How to Draw a Monkey in Cartoon Style

In this guide we will draw a cute monkey. The tutorial is split into 11 simple steps. In each step we sketch simple shapes, which, when finished, will connect and create a surprisingly life-like cartoon monkey.

Draw slowly, but confidently, and soon you will have made a great looking monkey drawing. The secret is to take it slow and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Sketch lightly in pencil. It’s fine to try and draw many lines. Erasing mistakes is easy and you will later trace the final lines with thicker lines.

In the following drawing stages, I’ve highlighted each step with lines of blue color.

You don’t need any special pens or tools. A regular pencil, eraser, and paper are all you need. If you want, you can also color the drawing with colored pencils or pens.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Monkey

How to Draw Cartoon Monkey: Step 1

Draw the head as a circle.

How to Draw Cartoon Monkey: Step 2

Next, face is made of two circles for upper face and one oval for muzzle.

How to Draw Cartoon Monkey: Step 3

You can remove the overlapping lines from the previous step. The face is starting to take shape.

How to Draw Cartoon Monkey: Step 4

Draw two circles for eyes and a smaller oval for the nose.

How to Draw Cartoon Monkey: Step 5

Add the final facial features; the cartoony pac man pupils and mouth.

How to Draw Cartoon Monkey: Step 6

Outline the round ear-shapes on top of the head.

How to Draw Cartoon Monkey: Step 7

Draw the inside ears and a larger circle that will be the body of the monkey.

How to Draw Cartoon Monkey: Step 8

Add upper and lower limbs. Maintain proportions; arms and legs should have similar lengths and thicknesses.

How to Draw Cartoon Monkey: Step 9

Draw the hands. This may be the most difficult part of drawing a monkey. First, draw the thumb so it points a little to the side, then draw the fingers starting from the opposite side of the thumb, and, finally, connect the fingers to the thumb.

How to Draw Cartoon Monkey: Step 10

In the last step, we draw the feet and tail. First, sketch the heel, then continue with the sides of a foot, and draw the toes last. When sketching the tail, make a single curvy line first and then draw a parallel line next to it and connect the lines at the tip of the tail.

How to Draw Cartoon Monkey: Step 11

Color your monkey drawing.

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