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Complete King Tut drawing
Complete King Tut drawing

Tutankhamun, or King Tut for short, ruled Egypt during the 1300s BCE. He is most famous for his intact burial tomb, which was discovered in 1922.

Would you like to learn how to draw King Tut? Our cartoon of King Tut is based on the death mask of his sarcophagus or stone coffin. This likeness of him was placed over his preserved mummy.

King Tut has for a century been one of the most well known of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

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He has often been depicted in popular culture, from mummy-inspired horror films to cartoons like Peabody and Sherman. Museum exhibits of artifacts from his tomb are always popular.

Who was King Tut? What was he like? Tut was probably 8 or 9 years old when he became king. He married his half-sister.

He was trained to use a bow and arrow and restored religious traditions that had been done away with by his father.

Tut died at a young age, perhaps 19. He had no surviving children and was therefore the last of his family line.

He was buried with several canes, as he had a physical disability of the foot that made it difficult to walk. Scientists think he was often sick.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing King Tut

How to Draw a Great Looking King Tut for Kids, Beginners, and Adults - Step 1

How to Draw King Tut Step 01

1. Begin by drawing the eyes. Use curved lines to outline the eyes, pointed on each corner. Extend a short line from each of the outer corners. Within each eye, shade a small circle to form the pupils. Draw a thick curved line above each eye to indicate the eyebrows.

Easy King Tut Drawing - Step 2

How to Draw King Tut Step 02

2. Use curved lines to outline the sides of the nose, the tip of the nose, the nostrils, the "M" shaped mouth, the upper lip, and the dimple of the chin.

Easy King Tut Drawing - Step 3

How to Draw King Tut Step 03

3. Outline the pharaoh's face using a long curved line. Band the top of the face with a long line, and enclose the ears using "C" shaped lines. Detail each ear with a short line, and enclose a rounded rectangle under the chin.

Easy King Tut Drawing - Step 4

How to Draw King Tut Step 04

4. Use long curved lines to outline the nemes, the striped head cloth that covered the pharaoh's crown and head. Then draw the postiche, a false beard that served as a sign of the king's rulership. Outline two roughly rectangular shapes, one large and one small.

Easy King Tut Drawing - Step 5

How to Draw King Tut Step 05

5. Use curved lines to outline the shoulders and chest of the death mask. Draw curved lines across the shoulders. Draw long curved lines below the shoulders to form an inverted rainbow shape.

Easy King Tut Drawing - Step 6

How to Draw King Tut Step 06

6. Continue to band the neck with curved lines. Then, draw curved lines extending from the head, forming the striped pattern of the nemes.

Easy King Tut Drawing - Step 7

How to Draw King Tut Step 07

7. Draw parallel lines across the nemes until the pattern is complete. Then, detail the striped pattern on the chest of the mask. Draw short, straight lines along two of the stripes. Use straight lines to form a triangle pattern on a third stripe.

Add More Details to Your King Tut Picture - Step 8

How to Draw King Tut Step 08

8. Pattern the beard by drawing small rectangles at a diagonal angle. Then, draw the head of a vulture on the front of the crown, erasing as necessary. Outline the neck and head using overlapping curved lines. Draw small teardrop shapes to form the eyes and beak.

Complete the Outline of Your King Tut Drawing - Step 9

How to Draw King Tut Step 09

9. Draw a cobra on the front of the crown, erasing as necessary. Use overlapping curved lines to sketch the body, head, and hood of the cobra. Outline the stomach with parallel lines. Use small teardrop shapes for the eyes, and a wavy line for the mouth.

Color Your King Tut Drawing

How to Draw King Tut Step 10

Color your cartoon of King Tut's golden death mask. It is gold in color with blue and reddish-brown accents.

Easy, step by step King Tut drawing tutorial
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