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How to Draw a Farmer

How to Draw a Farmer Featured Image

Would you like to learn how to draw a farmer? We're here to help! Farming is perhaps the oldest human profession. Farms differ from place to place, but their goal is the same - to produce food and other useful products from plants and animals... Read more

How to Draw a Scythe

How to Draw a Scythe Featured Image

"Reach out a sickle, because harvest is ripe." - Joel 3:13, The Bible in Living English. A scythe or sickle is a hand tool used in gardening and farming. It consists of a curved blade attached to a handle... Read more

How to Draw Vines

How to Draw Vines Featured Image

Many plants have a vining habit, producing long, twining stems that rely on outside structures to support them. Grapes are among the most recognizable. Around the world, grapevines are cultivated on farms called vineyards, often to produce wine. Beans, peas, potatoes, squash, cucumbers, melons, and other food plants... Read more

How to Draw a Barn

How to Draw a Barn Featured Image

A barn is a classic farm building used for sheltering animals or items. Barn types may be named for their purpose; for example, a dairy barn is used for milking cows and a tobacco barn is used for drying tobacco after it is harvested. Others have specific names, like stable or shed... Read more

How to Draw a German Shepherd Dog

How to Draw German Shepherd Featured Image

The German shepherd is a large dog known for its intelligence, loyalty, and noble appearance. German shepherds are working dogs; they were bred for work in herding livestock and protecting the farm. Other names for the breed include Alsatian hound, Alsatian wolf-dog, or Schaferhund... Read more

How to Draw a Lamb

How to Draw a Lamb Featured Image

A lamb is a sheep that is less than one year old. Sheep have been a familiar domestic animal for thousands of years, farmed for meat, milk, and wool. There are also many species of wild sheep... Read more

How to Draw a Scarecrow

How to draw a scarecrow: Featured image

The scarecrow is a mannequin placed in a farming field to deter birds (such as crows), deer, or other animals from eating the crops. The traditional... Read more

How to Draw a Turkey

How to Draw a Turkey - Really Easy Drawing Tutorial

Turkeys are large birds native to the Americas. The turkey was first domesticated in Mexico around 800 B.C., and it has since been farmed... Read more