12 Easy Cars Drawing Tutorials for Kids

Gentlemen, start your engines... race to the finish with these easy car drawing tutorials for kids.

What kind of car do you daydream about? Find a need for speed with an Indy-style racecar or a Nascar-style race car. Or hit the streets with your favorite sports car - including the iconic Lamborghini.

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You can learn how to draw lots of different professional vehicles, too. Get ready to go back to school with a big yellow school bus or save the day with a fire engine and a police car.

Fun on the farm? There are vehicles for that, too. Plow and harvest with a tractor, or use a pickup truck to haul a load.

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One thing you will notice while drawing these vehicles is what they all have in common. No matter the style of vehicle, they are basically rectangular in shape. They each have four wheels, which are circles with flair. Most also have roughly rectangular windows as well.

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These tutorials have varying levels of difficulty and detail. Start with something easy and build your skills as you go along. Choose tutorials that have different perspectives - from the side, front, or at an angle - to really level up your abilities.

12 Easy Cars Drawing Ideas

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