41 Easy Landscape Drawing Tutorials for Kids

Do you love finding new things to draw? You'll never be bored when you learn how to draw cute animals, fantastic people, and your favorite cartoon characters.

But how can you take your drawing to the next level? Well, all those people, animals, and characters need a place to live. Think about it - when you watch a cartoon or read a comic book, are the characters on a blank background? No! They have lots of scenery behind them.

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These step-by-step landscape drawing ideas make it easy to give your cartoon characters a home. So, what landscapes will your next art project include? Will you send your characters on an adventure in the jungle or scuba diving on a coral reef? Will they face their fears in a dark cave, a spooky forest, or the far reaches of outer space?

Or, maybe you simply want to create a slice of life. You can do that, too, with our drawing tutorials for farm, city, and park landscapes. If you need a vacation, we've got you covered! You can learn how to sketch a beautiful sunset over a tropical island.

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What will you need to create these simple yet amazing landscapes? You'll only need the supplies you already use for making sketches - some paper, a pencil, and an eraser. You can also use pens, markers, colored pencils, crayons, and paints.

This world is yours to design - be creative!

41 Easy Landscape Drawing Ideas

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