How to Draw a Bull Skull

How to Draw a Bull Skull Featured Image

Bull skulls have been used as a form of decoration for millennia, dating back even to the ancient Egyptians. In modern times, bull skulls have often been used to symbolize a lack of water, deserts, or the American West. One example of this is the "dancing bones" scene in the animated film An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (1991)... Read more

How to Draw a Flaming Skull

How to draw a flaming skull: Featured image

​​​​​The veneration of skulls by humans has a long history. Prehistoric evidence suggests that in some cultures, the skulls of deceased ancestors... Read more

How to Draw a Sugar Skull

How to Draw a Sugar Skull: Featured image

Sugar skulls, called calaveras in Spanish, are edible, handmade representations of human skulls made from sugar or chocolate and decorated with... Read more

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