13 Easy Skull Drawing Tutorials

Would you like to learn how to draw a scary skull? Check out these easy, step-by-step skull drawing tutorials.

Understanding the bones of the body is an important step to improving your realistic drawings. Below, you will find human skulls from different angles and perspectives.

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In addition to drawing people, sketching skulls can help you draw animals better, too. Below, you will find a cow, cat, dragon, deer, bird, and wolf skulls. Some of the drawings include outlines of the animal's face to help you imagine how the skull contributes to the animal's appearance.

Did you know? The skull is not one bone, but many. In humans, 22 bones make up the skull, not counting the teeth. Can you find the lines on these skull drawings that indicate where the bones have fused together?

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Skulls are also used symbolically. The skull and crossbones are associated with pirates and poison. You will find this symbol as well as a flaming skull, a skull with a rose, a heart-shaped skull, and a candy sugar skull for the Day of the Dead.

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Seeing skulls encourages some people to contemplate mortality and the shortness of life. Get your paper and pencil ready to tackle this morbid assortment of human and animal skull drawings.

13 Easy Skull Drawing Ideas

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